How can I get better at poker?

#1: 300-600+ ranks suck out 75% of the time.

#2: dont piss off RP, they will doc youre winning percentages.

#3: RP is the new WSOP. became too popular, no knowledge donkeys call with bottom 1 pair. dont bluff.

#4: there wont be a resolution. RP wants money. lose, lose, lose, lose, buy chips or lose some more.

#5: ive lost about 90k in 5 days. a world record for me. i pissed off RP, too many 300+ ranks. sites gone to the toilet. i wont spend a dime or ever refer anyone to this site ever again. i brought a ton of people here but no more.

#6: dont ask me about my hands. i know what im doing. this site is all about suck out money now.

#7: RP, you! yes you. fix the algorithm or youre going to be just another WSOP app… if youre not already. maybe thats what you want? goal achieved.

#8: quit deleting my posts

have a nice day. dont play replay… find a cash game.


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I have been playing for only 6 months. What i have noticed is that if you buy chips, you have better chance of winning the tournaments( any any tournament) than if you don’t buy chips, I lived in las vegas for a year and could usually break even 4 out of 5 times, on replay i can only win if i buy chips. Now this might be a cosmic coincidence but i would like replay to reevaluate their poker algorithm and if their is a problem correct it , if not and i see proof i will make a formal apology to replay and do the same on all social media websites.

I’m not RP attorney but I’ve never bought a chip and I’ve accumulated over 8M during 6 months of playing (and not playing that much, 26k hands played). I almost only play ring games nowadays but I’ve won at least once every MTT from free roll to 50k buy-in.

It feels the same as micro in online ring games from NLHE2 to NLHE20. It’s not as competitive as NLHE100 obviously but you can’t expect that from a free money poker site. Maybe I haven’t played enough on the site to notice something but so far it feels random enough.

These discussions on fairness and randomness have been going on and on ever since I first posted on this forum and it’s getting old.

Either it is rigged and RP team is solely interested in money, in that case asking them to change won’t work. Or it’s not rigged and criticizing over and over won’t do any good.

If I’m wrong in believing that their RNG is OK and one day I feel like this site is rigged, I won’t post a zillion threads about it, I’ll just leave and go play more paying sites since I’m doing OK there and I get a little income for it (very little but I don’t wanna be a pro so it’s fine by me :slight_smile: ).

So please go play micro on any paying website (there are many, most of them are fair), 10 bucks ain’t that much money and it’ll give you an idea of the zoo it can be there as well. Yes suck outs happen, you should be proud of being sucked out, it means you can play decent poker.

One last thing, I’ve been playing “live” every week for 8 weeks now and live and online are two different animals. So if the claim here is : “it doesn’t feel like the casino”, then you’re right but it’s not RP’s particularity, it’s online poker.

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I lost over 800k yesterday, 1/5 of my roll, but who cares? Thats poker. If you are really better than most on this site you will make chips in the long run. I can garuntee you would suck out just as much as everyone else does if you put yourself in a position to. Anyone who just cant comprehend this variance really shouldnt play poker.

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The site isn’t rigged. If it was being rigged it would have been busted by now. Over half a million people have played here and surely one of them would have been angered enough to make sure the place was busted. Indeed, there are many regulars here who are in law enforcement. They and write here on the forum. Ask the professionals what they think. I know they are here but they haven’t said a word.

My take is that ReplayPoker is a venture by a number of investors who are willing to try to corner a share of the free poker market such that when gambling is made legal in the US again, they will have a base of people and a place. If a certain percentage (say 1%) of the players are buying free chips now, when RP opens a section for the small stakes money games, they will have an established and viable business. They, will have everything ready to go, including, by then, maybe 5,000 players 24/7.

So why the hell would any serious business risk this vision for the sake of rigging a few people out of a few dollars?

This place has been for many years taking all our good ideas and giving these ideas serious consideration. Replay Poker is constantly improving itself. This isn’t being done because they want to rig a few bucks here and there. This friends, is a very deep pocketed venture looking toward a future, because right now RP isn’t profitable.

And let’s not forget about its theme, the replay of every single hand ever dealt. Think about that attraction to serious money players to get an instant replay. This site is designed for the future when the US will have online again.

The last thing Replay Poker wants is cheating, rigging, cursing, bickering, scanning, etc. They want and they are working very hard to get a very classy and someday classic establishment.

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cant handle swings poker is not for you.

  1. We don’t manipulate cards. We’d be happy to take a look at your hands if you want to email Please note that for a statistically significant hand breakdown, it takes about 5000 hands played.

  2. We don’t manipulate cards. Play better poker.

  3. Try fixed or pot limit. Going all-in is a strategy you’ll have to adapt to, even if you don’t like it. Generally, we find complaining about other people a failure to adapt to the circumstances of play. Humans are unruly.

  4. We have cleverly offered ways for all players to obtain free chips, all the time, because we’re super greedy. Yup.

  5. We’re kind of okay with that. You’re an egregious negative player obsessed with the idea that people are out to get you. If your friends want to play some friendly poker, send 'em over. If they’re going to insult and threaten us, our community is cool without 'em. =)


  7. We check it regularly. We have it certified. We can run statistics. We have a few million hands under our belt. I think we’re doing pretty okay with it. Do you have non-anecdotal data showing other wise? Feel free to share it.

8: You break the rules, we will delete your posts. Don’t threaten us, don’t swear at us.


the #6 is priceless :joy:

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Too good gatzby… Way, Way, Way too good… lmao…

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‘We don’t manipulate cards. Play better poker.’ Brilliant

Quit betting with bad cards. I’m up 2.5 mil. and I have a 4 star rating for folding.