Bingo Players Should Not Be Banned


No, I’m defending the one who has been wronged. I think it would be wrong to ban people for playing a certain way.


You think they’re the ones who have been wronged. And I think they are the abusers. We can agree to disagree, it’s ok :slight_smile:

And just to be clear, once again, nobody said they should be banned.


Took two minutes to find this, going back to the start.


To offer credibility to my case, I actively search for ring games with these people. It’s easy money. I’ve even played Bingo!™ myself – at this site and others. It’s a valid (and short-sighted) method of play.

In light of this, I can only think of 3 reasons for the anti-Bingo!™ discussion that has been ongoing this weekend:

  1. A desire to complain for no other reason than to complain. Fine. We all need to vent sometimes.
  2. A desire to learn strategies for combatting Bingo!™ play. The most constructive reason of the three. No shortage of discussion on that; one can walk away from the thread satisfied.
  3. A desire of Group A to make Group B stop doing something they don’t like (that is not necessarily against the rules) by appealing to authority figures. This is unacceptable and I will fight against it all-in.


Thank you @Grateful_ed.
Did you read the post carefully? He didn’t say he wants them banned, did he?

Anyway, I was talking about myself, but there are others who would want them banned I’m sure.


Sorry. I guess one must be very precise with their words.
Somehow that sounds like at least some people want them banned if the only people that don’t want them banned are bingo players.
I’d love to hear what you think he meant.


Thank you. Yes and Yes!!! Exactly those two. No harm in venting, and always good to learn form others.


LOL I’m sure he meant it that way. I’m not in a position to speak for him. I was talking about myself mostly.


Very well Maya. You may go in peace. :v:
Never mind. You stay, I’ll go. :wink:


Let’s go together :slight_smile:


Big tournament in a few. I hope to be there for about two hours.
Probably only be about twenty minutes though. (if I’m lucky) :wink:


Best of luck :shamrock:


Let me rephrase, after how many all ins should a moderator order a bingo player to leave the table?
Asking for a friend.


@Maya, this thread is about banning players for bingo play, not about bingo play itself. Please see the thread title.

You don’t think they should be banned, OK.

I don’t think they should be banned either.

As long as you agree with me, everything is fine.


Again, they don’t order them to leave the table. The 2 incidents where this happened, they were only told that others at the table were complaining, and they decided to leave by themselves. I don’t think they would be asked to leave, just asked to respect others.


I do :slight_smile:


Being critical of another’s play is explicitly forbidden by the site’s terms of use. Those who complained should be banned.


Goodbye then. It was nice meeting you :slight_smile:

Or can I change my mind and say I love everyone’s play and I take back all the criticism, please don’t ban me?

Nah! It’s ok. Totally worth it. Please ban me. :joy:


@Maya - lets look at it from another perspective and see if this changes any minds. Some people call the all-in maniac a bingo player. A more precise definition of a bingo player is someone that makes bad decisions but relies on luck to save them. Its clear that you do not like the all-in version of bingo but how about another version, the limper?

There are players who will limp in with any 2 cards, every single hand. They will even call an open raise just to make sure they see every single flop, While I haven’t seen the all-in person last more than maybe a dozen hands, I have seen the limper last for 100+ hands and even seen them win a few games.

Now, the limper has absolutely no strategy other than seeing every flop with the hopes of hitting a hand. They slow the game down and retard the ability of everyone else at the table to actually play poker. To me, these are the real ‘bingo’ players. They are not playing poker and are actively inhibiting the ability of others to play the game as well. I find them to be annoying in the extreme. They serve no purpose other than screwing up the game for the other players and they can last a long time if the deck is hitting them in the face.

What should we do with these people? IMO, they aren’t playing poker and aren’t even bothering to try. They present a nuisance to the other players at the table and reduce the game to one of pure variance rather than skill. If I never saw another one at a table, it would still be too soon. However, its within the rules of the game so I have no legitimate reason to ask that anything be done with them at all. If there is a rule to protect against the all-in version of the bingo player, why shouldn’t there be a rule to protect against these total donkeys who clog up the game for reasons only known to themselves? This is why I am strongly opposed to arbitrary rules.


Makes perfect sense. I can only agree with you.

But as @Fozman said, 1- we are just venting, and 2- we are trying to learn how to deal with different situations in different ways. I guess this applies to anything that annoys you and others as well. No harm in discussing them here.

I have personally learned a lot from this thread, regardless of the controversy. Will bingo players annoy me less in the future? Maybe. Do I want them banned? Definitely not. Do I hate limpers more now after your post? Of course I do LOL.

This has been a fun thread and food for thought, for me at least.