Is going all in with 'weak' cards or 'pre-flop' or 'too often' a sin?

Is going all in with ‘weak’ cards or ‘pre-flop’ or ‘too often’ a ‘sin’?

I mean is it the policy of the site to limit in any way such a way of playing?

I think any type of play that is allowed by the rules of the game should be allowed with no restriction. People complain a lot about players going all in ‘irresponsibly’. But there is a solution for this: the pot limit game - this is also available at the site. Yet the tables offering pot limit game are empty and players seem to favor no limit tables. They vote with their feet so they have no legitimate ground for criticizing players using the full power of no limit whether it is ‘responsible’ or not in their opinion.

I wonder what the official stance of the site on this issue is.

There are 2 fixed limit tables here.

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I’m asking this because I have bought chips for real money. I don’t want to lose real money if it is the policy of the site that an account can be closed on grounds of ‘unethical’ play.

This has happened to me at an other site already: closed my account on grounds that I was using a chess engine. This is fine in the sense that is up to them what criteria they use for establishing ‘ethical’ play no matter how stupid it may be. But I had a prepaid subscription for one full year and the fee was never returned. Which is not fine. Making money in this way: this is what I call truly unethical.

I want to make sure that if I buy chips for real money it can’t be taken away from me in a legal way on the grounds of ‘unethical’ play.

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Thanks, now I’m assured that frustration of other players of someone going all in too agressively is in and out of itself not legitimate ground to close or restrict an account.

This is good news.

Watcha, we’ve never closed an account purely on the way a player plays. There’s been some discussion here in the past about what can be done to stop the ‘bingo’ style play, but some of the ideas were to have dedicated tables for bingo style players, and tables of limit pre-flop, no-limit post-flop for those players that want to avoid all-ins before the flop. Our policy generally is if it’s allowed by the rules of the game then it should be allowed with no restriction.

I don’t think being stupid is a sin. I hope that helps.

In my country there is a politician-businessman who is infamous for stating:

‘Everyone has a right to be stupid.’

This was a spontaneous response by him in an interview answering questions about the doubtful business practices helping to fund his party some twenty years ago.

By now his party governs the country with a two-thirds majority…

I don’t really have a problem with it. I have never seen someone go all in with a really bad hand, it’s usually pocket jacks, AK or another high pocket pair. You can always fold or call with a good hand and have a good chance to double up.

The main problem is that there are so many players that go all in pre flop without a hand at all and that prevents players who want to hone their game from doing so because they are playing with “bingo style” idiots who essentially, don’t care because they know they can always get more chips. I like the idea of a pre flop limit with all in bets after the flop. On the other hand, when I have a big stack and am playing against this style of play I can clean them out but they never learn their lesson and that is the most frustrating part of it.

‘Free’ chips are essentially not free. There is a limited supply of them which means there is scarcity. Therefore chips behave exactly the same way as if they were real money.

Even if chips were completely abundant bingo style could not destroy the game as far as the buy in is limited. The buy in limit in and out if itself introduces scarcity.

In the long run the bingo style player would lose significant amount of chips to the other players allowing them to build large stacks. At the point where the stacks are much higher than the maximum buy in going all in at every hand will simply behave as a higher big blind and the table will be transformed into a higher stakes table. From that point on the bingo stlye play loses all of its effect.