Bingo Players Should Not Be Banned


Let’s start a new thread: Should limpers be banned? :grin:


Everyone but me should be banned.


Good point. I agree. (See what I did there?) :joy::joy::joy:


My point is this… where does it end?

If we ban one play style, another becomes “most irritating.”


We should ban banning. That would be the best solution.

Banning should be banned


I dare you. I double-dog-dare you.:smiling_imp:


Don’t tempt me! Remember the fruit thread? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yup. This is why we can’t have nice things.


If you eliminate the “call” button, you automatically eliminate limpers. Nobody has to be banned. :rofl:


The river is far more irritating and disruptive than “bingo” play. Let’s eliminate the river, and while we are at it, the turn too.


All-in? You bet like that? We Ban you. Right away, no trial, no nothing.
You limp-in? We Ban you.
You message a moderator? We Ban you. Right away.
Bet too often? Ban.
Not enough? Ban.
You don’t get enough chips… from… ring games, tournaments… You get a Ban.
You slow play your cards, believe it or not… Ban.
You play your cards aggressively, also Ban.
Someone calls your bet and you don’t win? Believe it or not, Ban. Right away.
We have the best players in the world… because of Ban.


Ban .gif


In an MTT, everyone but the winner is frustrated and irritated. The winner ends up with all of the chips, which is greedy and anti-social. Should we ban anyone who wins a tournament?


The final stages of any MTT tend to become a bit of a bingo fest with very little other than preflop raises and all-in races. Smaller stacks tend to play more conservatively, knowing that they only have once chance to double up or be eliminated, whereas megastacks will become more aggressive and steal blinds as much as possible and avoid calling unless they have premium hands as they wait for the smallest stack(s) to be ground down and then eliminated.

The interesting question is whether going all-in on every hand provides a positive chip return in the long term in MTTs. I suspect not, because in MTTs if I go all in on the first hand of a tournament with AA, I am quite likely to get 2 or even 3 callers with junk hands, so if I did it with a random hands, my chances of being eliminated would be pretty high.

However, it could be that there is a weakness in the structure of NL Texas Hold’Em and perhaps rules would need to be changed if all-in every hand play became a winning strategy. Sports do sometimes change rules, for example golf banning the long-handled putter.

It certainly seems to me that there is a weakness in NL Texas Hold’Em regarding flushes, as it does not seem fair that a player who is beaten all ends up can end up making a flush with four cards on the board and one in his hand. Perhaps rules should be changed to mandate two cards in the hand for a flush, and if the boards has five flush cards, then the pot is automatically split, regardless of whether a player has a higher flush card in the hand.

Another rule that I dislike is that when a player makes two pairs with two cards from his hand, the lower pair may be counterfeited if the board pairs, handing the pot to an opponent who has make only one pair, but a higher one. It seems to me that three pairs should beat two pairs.


This seems like a legitimate, albeit high risk tactic in a Sit 'n Go where he is preying on your fear of being eliminated on the bubble and perhaps a perception that you are an extremely tight player who is unlikely to call without a top hand.

I should also point out that the money in the Big Blind is not yours once it is in the pot. In the final stages of a Sit n’ Go you need to win a pot on each round of blinds or face a diminishing stack, so bluffing is a large part of the game as you may go several rounds without picking up any kind of playable hand. You could focus on contesting the pot when you are BB, or you could focus more on stealing from early position or from the SB if it is folded to you. Or you can possibly limp in and try to steal the pot on the flop. Whichever strategy you choose, something has to be done to steal pots.


This is just… wrong.
Bingo Playing is 100% a strategy, maybe you don’t think it’s a good one, but it is. This is echoing @SunPowerGuru - but no player should ever be banned for their playstyle. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like to play against it, it doesn’t matter if they get lucky frequently, it doesn’t matter if someone who you think has little skill takes a chip lead in your MTT because of it - it is not cheating nor exploting a glitch nor anything of the sort, and it should not be a bannable offense.

Additionally, I think the line of what is considered “Bingo Playing” and what is just a hyper-aggressive playstyle is just a little to blurry to be fairly enforced.

A lot of the examples used by those supporting banning these players either:
a. Don’t really happen
b. are avoidable
or c. are blown out of proportion
(The example of people going to 1/2 tables and shoving every hand meets all of these.)


In an MTT, everyone but the winner is frustrated and irritated. The winner ends up with all of the chips, which is greedy and anti-social. Should we ban anyone who wins a tournament?

If they eliminated me along the way with a lucky turn and river, then definitely!


Yes, but on a free site like this one, many of the players are elderly people who just find it fun to have a free game of poker without really understanding the nuances of how to play effectively. If you are a player who takes the game seriously, you will soon find a way to extract chips from them, especially after they call a pot sized bet on the flop with unsuited 4 6 and no draw and make two pair on the turn and river, and never bet, only call.


I guess that depends on how you look at it. The games here tend to be turbos and very few players have a working knowledge of proper push/fold strategies. If you look at real tournaments, you will see a version of the same thing, though starting with much deeper stacks. Anyway, push/fold does have an element of luck for sure but the actual strategy has been very well studied and based on solid mathematical constructs. I wouldn’t call anyone using these strategies to be playing bingo.


Very true but the point I was trying to make is that it doesn’t matter why they are doing what they are doing. All that matters is whether it is within the rules, and it is. Since its within the rules, its up to us to figure out how best to deal with it,


It totally was a legitimate tactic. I have absolutely no problem with being played like this. After he had done it 5-6 times, it was a pretty predictable pattern. And it annoyed me to have to lay down cards that I might have played with for a BB, but would never have called a shove with. In the end, I exploited it, but it took a long time and some luck to get the cards that I could use do do that.

Of course it’s not. But you usually want to defend your blinds. It’s not easy to do that if you’re being shoved into every time you’re in the BB.