You get what you pay for

Been playing here exactly 2 months and although I initially enjoyed it I am burning out. Upside is I have placed in the money in 20% of my tournaments with a dozen or so top 5s. Stacked away 215K without a purchase. Realty though is if you deduct the free chips I am up about 30K.
At the same time I am seeing many “players” with RRP 45-50 having been on here for years with 2500 or less in the bank? What’s with that? You get what you pay for I guess. Although I play some good tables most have at least one bingo boy who, no matter what you say, throws the game into a fantasy world. My best poker goes unrewarded yet the loose play I would never consider in a money game reaps rewards. Not Replays fault , it is what it is and until there is a price to pay it will remain that way. Bottom line is IMHO that playing here has hurt more than helped my game in general but my Bingo is much improved, LOL.

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Play for the love of the game, not the chips.

The chips are fake, the people real, play for the people you meet. It’s worth it.

As far as burning out, yeah. My profile says I have been playing since November of 2015, but about half that time was breaks. I leave for months, then wander back. Take a break if it’s getting to be too much.


I hear you and that’s all fine and good but comparing this to real poker is like comparing a video game to driving F1. It’s not the same when you crash and hit the wall. The social aspect is really the draw for me. Improving my poker skills not so much.

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Bingo players are among the easiest to beat. If you’re having trouble picking up chips from them - and when less than 10% of your bankroll is from your winnings on the tables, that sounds likely - then you need to develop a stronger set of strategies that accounts for those players’ weaknesses.

To use your auto racing analogy, a real F1 driver wouldn’t have a problem outracing a group of teenagers that just picked up their drivers’ licenses. There might be some challenges at the beginning as the professional tried to figure out how to avoid the teenagers’ erratic, jerky motions, but it wouldn’t take long for him to adapt and crush the field.

As far as not being “real poker,” I completely disagree. A few months ago I played in a charity tournament with about 150 players, and the level of play on the physical felt was very similar to what I’ve experienced at certain stakes on RP. The cards seem to be dealt fairly and pseudo-randomly, and the rules are consistent with those you’d see in a typical casino or professionally-managed tournament. What’s the difference between RP and “real poker?” Are there highly-ranked bingo players that consistently win, or does their bad strategy catch up to them similar to what you’d expect if they were playing for money?



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And it can’t match the excitement of shoving this month’s mortgage payment into the middle on a stone cold bluff.

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