Ranking rut

Anyone know why it’s so hard to get below 11k ?

Bud I don’t mean to be rude but u have 1.9 Million chips and u r playing 5/10 Omaha hi/low … Ur not moving anywhere at those stakes … Think about it :slight_smile:


True words :+1:t2:

Thanks ,Makes sense . So players in same room with 2000 rank must be playing higher stakes tables and tournaments as well because many leave flat after an hour at my 5 10 tables
I figured it was because even though I’d win big ,others in the replay pool won same or bigger as well as some buy large amounts of chips .

Btw , nice resume!
Are you giving lessons?

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Any time he plays he gives lessons!!!


Do NOT worry about ranking…I see good players at 1-2 and donks at 5k-10k, just play, have fun and have patience.

Or they bought lots of chips, DO NOT buy chips. if u buy chips, you should just use that money at cash games where u can win real money:).