MTT is BIASED towards higher ranked players!

High ranked players have no worries in going ALL IN whenever they have about half a chance as they dont have any fear of losing 50k or 100k chips (entree fee) n only aiming for the leaderboard which is top 40 of your total tourney plays, an atrocious points system advantageous for bingo players. Just need chips in ur account n all problem solved. Play as much as u want and increase ur top 40 tourney points. RUBBISH.


     My philosophy in playing poker is to not sit down at the table unless you can afford to lose the chips. Maybe you should be playing at a lower stakes table where you would be comfortable with playing loose. The other option is to play more conservative. You have options.

I agree with you. But the reality is that this is a free poker site. This will happen at any free poker site you go to. So I would suggest that you (or maybe should continue if already doing so) pretend that you are playing for real money, and just ignore the all-inners. I think free poker sites should be about honing in on skills, ability to read opponents based on aquiring information about players as quickly as possibly, practicing pot odds under a time limit, position, etc. This is just how I approach the site, and in doing so I’ve made 200,000+ chips in only the first couple weeks of playing.

I’ve stopped playing MTT “intensively” for bankroll building reasons since at my current chip level (5,5M) it’s faster to build it playing ring games.

However I’ve played some 50k to 250k buy-in MTT recently and I can assure you that it’s still serious “money” for me (1% to almost 5% of my bankroll) and noticed that the most reckless players were actually not big bankroll players (better ranks since rank is based solely on that) but middle-low stakes players who were trying to hit big by playing all their chips at once.

The high ranked players played more abc poker and at times very well. So at certain stakes the opposite of what you’re saying becomes true.

I don’t think it is biased towards players with more chips, I think that since busting out doesn’t count in the point system (negatively) there’s always an incentive for top players (I mean bankroll/rank wise), when they know it won’t affect negatively their ranking after a certain amount of MTT played, to just play shove or fold early in the tourney.

If you want a “real poker” (as real as free chips online poker can be) experience play early in the month in high stakes tourney it’s way more competitive.

The best poker games are the 250k/100k/50k buy ins.anything below that you can expect full blown and oversized donkeys to be playing antipoker.thier calls are alarming and so ridiculous its beyond have to build your stack mate.
there is an element of luck while you building it i agree but you really have to bring in your A game if you wish to stack by playing good old fashion basic may take you time but if you are a good student of the game you will break thru .i can tell you first hand how intense the games are.Today we were last 5 and only 4 get the took 50 minutes for the 5th player to get eliminated and this happens often on the above buy in games and thats what makes it interesting.
More than anything irrespective of 30/50/ players playing its the same usual suspects who make the top 10 finish 8 out of 10 times.
this is no coincidence or flash in the fan or pure luck you could actually hand pick the players who are going to be there on the final table.
its not biased its a simple logic-the more you win /earn the more likely you will be playing the higher stakes game.It becomes a lifestyle not a necessity.

There should be more of the 1 million buy in or bigger MTTs. No question about it

[quote=“jazzbythebay, post:5, topic:3902”]
The best poker games are the 250k/100k/50k buy ins
[/quote] Then Jazz, please seriously consider what I say in “24hr schedule”, The reason why I stayed here is because I could jump in a MTT 24/7… but now I need to be playing those and higher MTTs… Now I have to wait 1-2 hours usually just to get in one, let alone try a 1m or higher.

Sorry Jazz, thats bologna… O S C A R and M E Y E R…



[quote=“Xov, post:1, topic:3902”]
Play as much as u want and increase ur top 40 tourney points
[/quote]So Xov,
let me ask you the opposite side of that coin… If a player plays 150+ MTTs per month, and regularly tries for Leaderboard… Lets say they have 15m, and play 50k or 100k buyins…

Isn’t it logical to say " my lowest MTT is 17,000 pts, therefore I need top 5s in 75+ppl MTTs to increase on that board, which means … waste’n time gett’n to top 20 with no chips left is pointless, therefore I need a early stack so my chances are much better… therefore they would have to take riskier chances, early on. "

Now it doeesn’t matter Ring, SnG, MTT … low, med, high stakes… there’s always gonna be ppl entering that have 1000x++ the entry fee in thier bankroll. What you are really mad @ is… All the leaderboards are bias’d to “best of”… and you’re right, its illogical.

I look for the same but between work I just play whatever is on and it is frustrating playing the lower buy in games…for the life of me and with all the poker knowledge,watching wsop for years and playing live cash games and I could believe in poker book would warrant the calls some players make its just pure senseless betting but somehow the turn or river is kind to them…for every one bad beat I give I get 10 against me…last 3 days my Aces have gone down to the worst possible cards called against it and I have raised on every occasion far and beyond …today was icing on the cake I got called with 23 of diamonds and I bet 9000 on flop and hits a flush on river…this has happened so many times…and I have seen always there is one player ranked 100k to 900k and hes donking his way to glory with any 2 cards and takes out 10 to 15 players till the final table…how is it possible to have such incredible luck and always one player ranked high and beyond with absolutely no knowledge how to play or what to bet simply just call any raise any bet…its scary…and mind you…to win the 1k tourney is as tough as winning the 100k tourney as every hand there are 2/3 all ins or calls to any raise you make in the 1k tourney or even upto the 10k tourney…even the Aces becomes a cropper against a 3 way shoot out…well ive seen absurd calls even in the 1 million tourney,so really I should not be complaining about the lower buy in games…as for the rings the less said the better…you can makes thousands in one day and lose thousands the next…and if you don’t raise your premium hand you will lose…as everyone calls every hand no one folds…they are not sitting to fold but play every hand …see the flop then run or play…i don’t know how one can play 150 MTTs that would amount to about 15 to 17 hours a day if hes on the leaderboard…as once I was bedridden and played like crazy but hit 78 MMTs.unless you retired or have nothing better to do in life you cant hit 150 MMTs considering its scheduled round the clock and its not one after another.ive also seen players play all night usa time as I’m 10/.5 hrs ahead of usa and they are there all night long…i don’t even care for the leaderboard I know I cant play that many tournies and finish well…some weeks you just get hammered with the best cards and flops and the turn and river eats you alive as some are married to their hands and just wont give up just keep calling…ive lost 3 million last 3 days as I got hammered with great cards-6 times AA and lost all of them…lost on kk qq jj 1010 every single hand…next week maybe better…i just know one thing which I can prove till the cows come home…there is always one player rings or tourneys with a hot seat and most times ranked ranked above 100k…
As you said the best 40…the odds that I play 100 my chances are better…try playing 100 MMTs…you may have to give up your job,carrer or whatever else you doing…

Sry Jazz, got you confused with staff… yeah, I’m not a fan of how all leaderboards work.

150 is doable, thats 5 per day, and you need 1 very good outcome… I can see this taking 5-6 hrs, because you can enter one every 15-30 minutes, especially if you go out early… then maybee 2 days a week you marathion it… just think of the new BankrollBuilder weekly… its even more brutal… best 20 (weekly)…

Winning / final table, the average MTT takes 1:45 - 2:15 hours … top 50%, min 1 hr.

Sorry but It really sounds like a bankroll management issue. (Live within your means and you may be happier;)).
Once I put chips into a tournament I consider it gone if I cash its a bonus :smiley:

High ranked players got to be high ranked players by accumulating chips. One doesn’t get to be a high ranked player by luck alone.

What this post is saying is that skilled players have an advantage over unskilled players.