How does the standard of play on this site compare to real money poker?

I have not had the money/time to play in real casino or online cash games and tournaments, so my question is: How do the strongest players on Replay compare to the tourists playing $1/2 in a casino all the way up to professional players? It’s a subjective question, but what do you all think?

To clarify further, I already know that this site is full of fish and bingo players who will call with anything, I am wondering about just how good the good players are.

There also seems to be an exponential difference in chip counts (some players have 10 billion, while I win at medium and high stakes and still don’t have 10 million). How closely does that relate to actual skill?

Bingo players usually on low stake only.

You cant compare online with real play at all. I think god players good at adopt play-stile fast and in time. Also, for good players no such thing as bad cards. “Bad” cards good to fold too or make a call for confusion.

Chip count not give you too much idea, RP soon make a rank system based on the actual skill. ATB

When this new system is implemented, will rank reflect past performance or will everything reset?

You have to wait for official answer for that. I believe they do tho, also they may brake it up for week/month/year for each player.

Well Joe, your question really is not that subjective as there are certain facts one can’t get away from. I think there is a relation to real poker. It is certainly true you don’t get the chasers as much in real money poker there are still a few who play bad enough to chase but not many. The odds in free chip poker are different because more players chase. Example is playing suited pocket cards does not happen as much in money poker because the odds on hitting a flush with 2 suited cards are 1 in 20. Good real money players don’t play em while they may play suited connectors as they have more outs.

But comparing the standard of play with tourists playing $1 and $2 poker is not even a contest. The casino’s makes their money on tourists playing for $1 and $2. I would not even call em poker players. You will find some very good poker players on Replay. I can point out more than a few.You are obviously not to bad yourself. If you want to know if you can beat the 1 and 2 dollar casino players the answer is yes, they are not poker players. If you want to know if you can beat the really good casino players the answer is no. They will read you like a book and take your money quicker than the eye can see.

But, there is a relation to real poker as good poker players read other players and adapt to their opponents style. Good poker players will read bluffs and chases. Good players don’t care if bingo players are at the table as it is those players chips he finds easy to take. You can see the bluffers and chasers on replay as well. Just as I am sure you see this and play accordingly. Poker is reading styles of play in the casino just as it is on line, just a lot more bluffers and chasers in free chip poker. You will find players playing high percentage hands in casinos and folding junk when playing for real money.

I have spent some time in casinos and know the difference. Most casino players salivate when online players take a seat. Casino players are far better players on the average as real money equates to better players at the table because the bad players lose their money are gone pretty quick and lose their taste for poker unless they have a money tree. A bad player with a money tree lol could you ask for a better opponent? Does not happen much. They run out of money pretty quick.

Bad beats are rare in money poker because not a lot of chasing. They happen but no where near as much as free chips poker. Odds are dependable most of the time. The odds in free chip poker are not nearly as reliable. Odds do matter just not nearly as reliable.

When I played a lot in the casino, there were several regulars, we knew each other and we generally did pretty well or we would not have been regulars. When you see the same players on a regular basis, watch out…they will take you money with ease.

The key to not losing money in a casino is don’t quit while you are down. If you play all day your chip stack always goes up and down. Don’t quit when you are down because it will come back up. Only times that I lost was when I was to tired to stay until my stack came back up but I knew it would if I stayed, just get to tired to care. That did not happen often. That’s all day playing. Or go in play a bit until you are up and leave.

Actually, blackjack is the best chance of winning in a casino if the other players at the table will let the dealer bust. Also tip the dealer. They get a feel for how the cards will fall and will give you subtle nods or shakes of the head and movements of the eyes telling you to hit or stay. They are almost always right if you tip them well and pay attention, they will help you. Especially if you are a regular who tips them every time. Catch the same dealers and tip them well, you might be surprised. You can only be a regular if you live in the same town as the casino. They make their living off the tourists. As you might can tell, I was a resident regular.

Hope that makes sense.