Winners and Finalist T-Shirts

Could anyone please tell me where the winners T-shirts are? Since I put my order in I’ve got fatter, so mine might not fit now… :wink: It just seems such a long time ago that we played in that tourney.

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I would be a long time if you were a banana, but not so long if you were a mountain. From this we can logically deduce that Replay is more mountain-like than it is banana-like. I hope this helps.


Hey all,

I know you are excited to win your prizes!

We are in the process of having them made, it actually takes longer than one would think for this process, but once they are made, they will be shipped to a central location by the supplier and then we will send on the prizes to the winners.

This process could take 3 weeks or so, which I am sorry for. However they will come, and you will all look the bee’s knees in them.



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You might want to look into DTG (direct to garment) printing next time. You can have full color HD images printed on any color t, and they can be drop shipped in 2 or 3 days. It’s much faster than traditional screen printing, and much higher quality too.

Anyway, I’m in no hurry. Mine will get here when it gets here, no worries.

That’s fine, thanks. I just thought it might have been forgotten.

Take some pictures and post them so we could see how these prizes
look on the winners :slight_smile:

Of course after you all receive them.