Trophies & Medals

Hello !

I just wanted to share a suggestion.

If someone win a big tournament in the events like the Marathons… may have a medal or a trophy in his profile that makes reference to that win, it can be great collections…

What are your thoughts guys?

Have a good day!


More gimmicks ? I’m voting NO !


What a nice idea EL1, we have some brilliant promotions which are hard to win and that sort of acknowledgement would be lovely.


Dam I’d have to build a new wing on my page :rofl:


Could be an idea to think about I guess, especially for special or large stakes tournaments. Trophies maybe, don’t know about medals, that’s maybe too much on the gimmick side, but a section for Trophies wouldn’t be the worst idea next to your Achievements somewhere perhaps.

Also, it would at least make the Dashboard trophy gimmicks a lot more relevant lol.



I really miss the way the Broadcast in the chat used to inform everyone on the tables when someone had won a MTT. I often used to send a congratulations PM to the winner, especially if it was a friend I had been playing with, and to my mind that was far nicer than having the constant broadcasts advertising tourneys about to start. Wish they would bring that back because it did add a little personal touch!


Thank you :slight_smile:

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I could only give you one heart grapevine, but yes I really thing they should broadcast MTT winners in the chat feed. As to the constant broadcasts about tourneys about to start, ditch it, that’s all we need is more players playing multiple tables and mucking up the works. Sorry, to the players who can do that without causing me to twiddle my thumbs.


what about a new trophies/medals page? I’ve scanned your profile page and achievements. I doubt many would care to read very much. I’m sure many would be impressed if it was displayed on a medal/trophies page.

I like it! The achievements on RP look like something you would see on a children’s app game. DELETE and remove them PLEASE!

I’ve suggested a medals/trophies page previously and no one was interested.

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