Premium Members Tournaments?

So, I know the whole Premium league member league was kicked around. But what if we could have a special tournament such as a PKO or something like that with a specific set time limit and leaderboard? Maybe some swag for a prize? Just a thought I had.

Thanks @JenGen7 for the idea. I do believe there should a premium league and increase the premium membership with more benefits. Hopefully the idea will increase the number of members to show an interest in the League to be sustainable.

If you guys, Premium Members, let me know you are interested. I can set up a Premium Member Tournament for you, or rather I can ask Chasetheriver about it, And I can ask for help setting up a private Leaderboard for it. But you all have to be interested enough in it to play in it and find someone you want to be your organizer, I do not mind being a secretary of sorts.

I would definitely be interested. Although if a league never happens, then just adding a Premium Members PKO Tournament or converting one of the existing tournaments to a PKO format would be a nice addition.

Thanks @JenGen7 for your help in forming a a premium members league, as @SilentOutlaw said & ty my friend, I would be interested also but we never got to 10 folks interested. This was, I believe due to a low pool of players and different time zones.

Premium Members PKO Tournament sounds interesting just depends on what time of day it would be bearing in mind that Iā€™m on CET :wink:

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What I have open for a time is Saturday at 6:30 PM EST. Finding times that do not conflict with other leagues can be tricky, but this is a time that can work for US CA EU and Aussie players. Okay I will get with Rob and see about setting this up for everyone. You guys need to spread the word around the premium members. Our League Forever Phil will drop the Saturday game we have so this time will open of for A premium league tourney. We will see.

Sorry Jen, but for us in Europe that would mean playing at Midnight, and am afraid that is not on for us. I am aware you would not want to clash with the other leagues, but I am afraid that is almost impossible as there are a great many leagues now competing for times already.
The present Premium games are timed to suit people in most zones, so perhaps a PKO time could be worked around them? Two games instead of one as is the case now?

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I will figure this out Kate, Promise. We may have to have two games a week at different times.

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I was thinking the same thing and I am going to ask Rob, if he does not see it here first LOL :slight_smile:

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Thanks @grapevine and @JenGen7 . This is why we never got the league started, as mentioned due to low pool of players and at different time zones. I tried and failed but, Thank you very much @JenGen7 for trying to make it happen also!!! and owe you a helping hand endorsement !!