Winter Games Medal Table suggestion

Just a thought … it might be fun for the Medal winners to see their names on the page. Perhaps a graph listing each event with the names of the three medal-winning players, maybe little gold, silver and bronze icons next to their names.


I like this idea. It could be real simple - a list of the events on one side, and columns for Gold, Silver and Bronze that would contain the name of the winners and their country. It would be nice to see it all in one place.

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Hey folks,

The winners of each event are posted on the main page of that day’s event.

Thanks for your suggestion and good luck medal hunting!


Thanks GD. I hadn’t noticed the Event pages are updated with the medal-winners names. I wanted to add that the Winter Games promotion is the most interesting and creative promo I’ve seen here - great concept, innovative structure, challenging complexity. Thanks for providing such a cool thing.


At 12:01 am the 26th when the RWG #9 - Bobsleigh we can only play the omaha sng’s not the omaha hi/lo. please take a look at this.


Just followed up on this and all seems to be working for the last several hours. Please do let us know if you notice any further problems.

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That’s a great idea. I haven’t been able to play as many games as so many others, but what I have been able to play has been awesome. So many friendly people and so many winners. Yes they should be recognized.