Site problems Saturday 20th January

Good evening. I have reported the prom of not being able to register for the Marathon Final 1st game and 3rd game, the later ones are not in time as yet. Says not a gold member?
I try to get a community game only to find problem there too.

@fizzymint @Chasetheriver @Bandit51

I think it’s because of a change in the start time allowing Open Registration only 1 day before the MTT game start.
I think this is a new change. I think this is a problem because these Final MTT’s don’t allow Late Registration.

The Omahas are now all deleted, looks like someone works on it. I hope the best.
I didn’t play this Marathon, have no Final Ticket. GL tomorrow.

Anyone experience a worsening lag issue today or am I the only one?

I have just registered for all the Marathon finals taking place tomorrow, 21st January, so there should be no problems now.
Best of luck all.

I’m still showing two which I want to Register only shows Announced. See post #2 above.

EDIT: Sorry, I just realized I’m seeing Announced because of Time Zone differences.

It looks like the registration will open 24hrs before scheduled. I believe the 8:15 pm tourney will be open for registration today at 8:15 pm