CONTEST - Late registration feedback

We’re kicking up a new contest, and this time @Chasetheriver is looking for some feedback on Late Registration.

We don’t see ourselves ever removing late registration entirely, and we like the poker room having a bit of variety with the duration, but we’re curious to hear what you think. Overall feedback is welcome, but we specifically want to know if there is a particular existing tournament where you would like to see a shorter period, longer period, or removal/addition of late registration.

As a thanks for your time, we’ll be crediting five random players with 100,000 chips on Thursday, July 23rd.

Every player will be counted a single time for the contest, but please don’t hesitate to comment multiple times to further discuss feedback or ideas with other players. We ask that you keep your feedback productive.

Remember, we’d love to hear what you think about specific tournaments!


I see tournies with 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes for late reg. I think you should adopt a standard length, and apply it for all tournies. 15 minutes across the board sounds about right.


I like playing tournaments like Sensational Blinds (8:30PM ET) and Play The High Blinds (2:30PM ET.).Those tournaments have similar structures but in one tournament late reg is 10 minutes and in the other it’s 15 minutes. I’d like to see tournaments with similar structures have the same late registration time.



I hate late registration and should never been a thing.

make a new mtt lobby without late registration. players who prefer no late registration should have options too, just like players who are for it. all late registrations should be same amount of time for every mtt. I thing 5 mins is right amount of time, especially when tournaments open up 3 hours prior to that tournament, plus these tournaments run same time everday. you should know when your favorite tourney starts. sng lobby is a mess. tournament disappear and reappear, sometimes they don’t even comeback unless refresh the page.

I would love to have mtts without late registration


This is a tricky subject for me and have opinions on both sides of the issue. I’ve had some good finishes joining a tourney late. I also get miffed when I join a tourney with maybe 30 players at the bell and 15 minutes later there’s over 90 or 100 due to the late registration signups… My opinion is the late registration ends at the end of the 1st level of blinds for that tourney…

stepping off the soapbox now…


I’m fine with whatever Replay wants to do. I can see both sides of the topic. I usually sign up fairly late for the tournaments I play, for a few reasons. There can be a lot of chaotic play in the early going - impatient players looking to shove chips around, and whether they double up or bust, they don’t really care. It can be both profitable to exploit that and frustrating to deal with, and I prefer to avoid it, when possible. Which isn’t to say that latter level play can’t be chaotic, of course, but at least at those levels, there’s a bit more to win from blinds and antes.

But whatever Replay wants to do, I’m fine with it. I play the Oceanic every night, and I sometimes wonder why the 20k has such a long Late Reg - 20 minutes. Whatever Replay wants to do, I’m sure I’ll adjust. I suppose I don’t really have much to offer on the subject, but I hate to miss a contest.


I agree with Matchstk that at times it’s nice to avoid a little mayhem early and I always seem to be 3 minutes late for most things. I do like the varied structure of the games as they are now.


I want to answer so that I have an entry in this contest, but I really have no thoughts on this subject. I get myself there and play whoever’s at the table, whenever they arrive. I hope this still counts toward the random drawing. :slight_smile:


I think the reason for this is so players who cannot play more than one table have a chance at the regional leaderboards. Late registration for all the 20K regionals is 20 minutes, and usually there are very few players left in the first game by the end of late registration. I know there is at least one regular in Oceanic who is always sitting out of one of the tables if he is still in both games, because he can only play one at a time.


It would be nice to have late reg limited to a certain number of blind levels across all tournaments, say 2 levels. A 6 minute level game would have a 12min late reg. A 10 min one would have 20 min. This would peg the late reg period to the speed of the blinds going up. Longer formats would have longer late registrations …

It would also be nice if no-shows were removed at some point again. They really are a pain in the butt to deal with if you’re trying for leaderboard points.


I am one of those that likes to join late to avoid the craziness of the first few rounds. Personally, I like 15 minute late registration. I especially like to register late for satellite tournaments, since they have a set number of tickets/places that are awarded, I decide at the last minute whether or not to join. If only the top 5 are being given tickets, I would rather try for one when 30 players have joined (giving me a 1 in 6 chance of winning one), than when there are already 50 players trying for those tickets (1 in 10 chance). In games where more places are awarded a cash as more people join, I don’t really mind the extra people, so the number of players doesn’t matter much to me. When I was playing for the Omaha and Ruby leaderboards though, I found towards the end of the month/week, that I was looking for tournaments with the most players, so that if I did well, I could improve on my low score for the leaderboard (more players=more tournament points for the same placement). Just my thoughts on why some people might prefer late registration. :slight_smile:


Late reg time should be shortened, 15 mins is too long, a standard of maybe 10 across the board. Also tournaments shouldn’t be cancelled early due to lack of numbers, there will always be late comers.


I would like to see the 15 minutes in tournaments shortened down to 5 minutes at the most or taken away totally in Power Up and Kick Starter, as stated above these games are played each and every day at the same time so you should know when they are starting so no need for another 15 minutes. This really drags the game out also as you think the players are dwindling down but they keep growing so that after 15 minutes you have the same amount if not more players than when you started out. I vote for 5 minutes across the board.


Late reg is OK, but time must be shortened - 5 min. is better


I hate the the late registration Period!! Some comes in late and then sits out
for another half hour. If you come to play well then play.


I’m not a fan of late registration and would at least like to see it limited to a shorter period, like 5 or 10 minutes max. I also think late registers should be penalized the blinds they have missed before registering. They get an advantage over a lot of the players that were there from the start by registering late.


good morning all my problem with the late reg is mainly the loading of my computer i really
understand the background programs take some time to load lets say 15 mins then the browser take min and then the reload page take me almost the rest of the time and mostly
i get to late reg with two to three mins before it closes well some times i miss the late reg
because of loading issues well what can i say 20 min for a late reg should get me there
in the game before it close but yes some times there are at level 3 early might be level 2
it could be a rush , what ever you guys decide i think we all got to live with it take care

I have no problem with late registration but I would like to see it at as a standard time for all type of MTT’s.

Yes, we have players that join late and go then go AFK and that I have a problem with. I would love to see these players kicked after awhile, i.e 10 min without a way to come back in. I understand one sometimes need to have a comfort brake (toilet)
and 10 min is more than enough time.

Some of the Satellite tournaments have 10 or 15 minute late registrations, which I think is way too long. People are registering late with a full stack, giving them an advantage over players who have begun on time. This is an encouragement to register at the last minute. I think a 5 minute late registration is fair.

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Late entry is bad and good:) Its good bcuz sometimes we are all late to the party but it’s bad bcuz sometimes we take bad beats in beginning of tourney and then someone joins late and has more chips than you…