June Marathon

My Bank says this: June Marathon Week 2 Ticket (2) I tried to register for the Omaha Hi Lo game at 8:15 pm in the June Marathon and it won’t let me. It only lights up No Thanks, not register with ticket. Help from anyone please?

Hi Sue,
To enter the finals your ticket should be similar to this:
Jun 25, 6:34am June Marathon Final Ticket Registered for tournament: 6046073
The week 2 tickets were for games played from Monday to Saturday this week in order to win final tickets for today.


Thank you very much.

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Are those 2 tickets trash then? It says I have 6 days to use them, but for what? lol

Hi Sue,
If you look at the thread “tickets to win but no games to play them” you will see a quote from the tournament rules:
I will post it again here in case anyone else has a query:

  • Tickets won in Week 1 can only be used in Week 2 events and expire on July 1st
  • Tickets won in Week 2 can be used in any of the Finals
  • Unused Tickets won in Week 1 and Week 2 have no value and will expire on July 1st
  • The 2023 June Marathon Finals have no Late Registration

I am sorry to be a pain.

The rules say Tickets won in Week 2 can be used in any of the Finals.

My bank shows June Marathon Week 2 Ticket (2) So this says I won 2 tickets in week 2.

Question is: Aren’t the games for today considered to be Finals? If yes, why can’t I register? What am I seeing wrong? Sorry Grapevine. One of those days. Thanks.

Hi again Sue,
Your tickets show you have won 2 tickets to play in the qualifying games from Monday to Saturday 19th - 24th. If you had won tickets in any of those games these would have qualified you for the Finals taking place today, and the tickets would show:
June Marathon Final Ticket


Thank you very much. Hard to see that in your bank. lol I appreciate your help.

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I did about the same Sue, Missed the > and in " Week 1, and in our **10K entry" However knew I was not going to be home for the finals anyhow “whew” :grinning: we’ll get um next time. gl

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I had the same, I have make restart and then was it ok.

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