Weekly streak bonus tickets

Hi Everyone,

We’re excited to launch weekly streak bonus tickets starting today. Along with the bonus chips you receive for logging in everyday, players will now receive weekly streak tickets. You can use this ticket like any other tournament ticket.

You can click HERE to check out the article we wrote about tickets.

Have a wonderful day! :slight_smile:


And once again, we discover a new feature that was introduced with no prior notice lol.

Well at least we know now, thanks for clearing it up.


I got one today:



We all received one !!


We’ve received a report that some folks are having trouble using these new tickets to register for tournaments. This has been escalated and we’ll let you know when we have a fix! Thanks a lot for letting us know.


@fizzymint @chipsmama

Can we receive a little more info about how to use these?

Is 100k Streak Ticket used in a “New” type of tourney?
… I’m interpreting this to mean you can use these tickets in any 100k tourney.

What does 5+ weeks (1) mean because it says expires in 7 days?
… I’m interpreting this to mean you’ve received one (1) ticket to be used within 7 days but what does 5+ weeks mean?


I thought it to mean you have 7 days to use it for a total of 5 times ( weeks ) ( you use it in 7 or lose it that week)

This is starting to sound like you have to use math in order to use these tickets.

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Wish this ticket was good thru the RPOS High Roller Showdowns later this month. I would save them up for sure.

You only have 7 days per ticket before it expires

Today i saw this on Dashboard:

Nice, but not easy to understand. Do i get such a ticket now every week? Or have i one day not to log in to start it new? It would be nice to see the rules anywhere.

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Somebody help a Jarhead out, I’m confused?

I checked the bank and see I have been given a 100K ticket, this brings questions…

First off what did I do to be awarded the ticket?
What is required to continue being awarded a 100K ticket?
How often can/will I be awarded a 100K ticket?
Why is it called a “Streak Ticket” instead of “Tournament Ticket”?
Can it be used the same as a Tournament Ticket would be used?
Are/Will there be specific tournaments just for Streak Tickets?
And lastly… why can’t I find anything about this anywhere besides in a forum?

I thought there used to be a page somewhere I could navigate to explaining these types of things, if so I am unable to locate any such page.

Thank You,

One Confused Marine
Semper Fi


How do I use a 100K Streak ticket?

Also would pay for an entry to one of the RPOS High Roller Showdown tournaments.

Everyone should consider themselves lucky to even get that promotion 100K ticket. That was thoughtful of Replay.


While I absolutely share the sentiment that Replay is doing a very nice thing to us all, it does not take away the slight confusion regarding the precise meaning of how the ticket is to be used.

As I understand it, it is a single use 100k (or other nomination, depending on your log in history) ticket to all standard tournaments, and it is valid for 7 days.

But, it could, also, mean that I could use it for,say, the current RPOS tourney, or other special tournaments.

Also, are there any 100k tourneys bar for Hold’em, as I do not think I have seen a Omaha, or stud tourneys (hi or hi-lo) for said amount?

If so, it is a bummer to be limited to play only one type of a game with the ticket, while still appreciating the gift.

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From chipsmama’s post above, I gather that these “Streak Tickets” can be used like any normal tickets that are won in Satellite tournaments. So you can register for any normal tournament as usual (according to the Ticket value), they just have a short expiry date.

I think the Streak name comes from the fact that they are rewarded to regular players who are online every day, just like the Daily Bonus chip rewards. Keep up the streak, and you get the rewards I guess.

The one thing I’m not quite sure about is the -5+ weeks in the ticket info. That one puzzled me.

You can use it to register for any tournament with the buy-in value the same as the ticket.

I’m always thankful when I receive something from anyone that I was not expecting ( Free ) Thank you Replay.

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Hi Everyone!

We’re so sorry for the confusion surrounding the weekly streak bonus tickets. If you received the 100k ticket (for logging in 5 consecutive weeks), you will continue to receive the 100k ticket weekly as long as you’re logging in everyday. These are called streak tickets instead of tournament tickets, because players earn them by simply logging in every day. It works like the daily bonus chips, but these tickets are earned weekly.

Players with less than 5 weeks of streak will have lesser ticket denomination.

You can use these tickets like any normal ticket. So if you have a 100k ticket, this will be valid for registration on any tournament with 100k tournament fee. Just be mindful that streak tickets have shorter expiration dates compared to regular tournament tickets. We have the following guidelines for using tickets:

  • Multiple tickets cannot be combined to enter tournaments
  • Larger denomination tickets such as 50K or 100K cannot be split in to smaller tickets
  • Chips cannot be used to purchase tickets

So sorry there was an issue using the streak tickets. Our Tech Team was notified yesterday, and this has been fixed.

We hear you on making sure you get a heads up on feature releases. We’ll ensure communication is stronger all around so you know what’s around the corner.