2.5K tickets

This has probably been asked before but I would like to be able to use two 2.5K tourney tix to play in the 5K tourneys. Is there a reason this can’t be done ? Thanks in advance, Finn007.


Or any ticket could be traded @ face value, and even combined with chips.

Maybe a 15k ticket and 35k in chips for instance, to get you into a 50k tournament?



Great idea Larry


This is something we are well aware of and we know it would be great to offer a way to trade tickets or consolidate them with either tickets or play chips to enter tournaments.

There is lots going on with development at the moment. We will be sure to add a functionality as soon as we are able.



Good idea Larry - hope it happens!

Is it just a coincidence that all of a sudden the 1pm 2.5k tix free rolls are gone ? Was this announced before they disappeared or did Whoeveretts (sp?) pronouncement that he had ~147 tourney tix saved up warrant immediate attention ? Many of us have a few sitting in our “banks” and I sure hope this isn’t the reason for cancelling the 1pm freerolls. I respectfully ask for an explanation. Thanks, Finn007.

It was temporarily removed because of our RPOS Satellite Fever promotion, since we were running a Satellite Fever event near the same time. That said, we had a lot of folks write to us at support saying they were missing the tourney for those ticket types, so we’re bringing it back tomorrow. :slight_smile:

EDIT: We were able to sneak it into today, so if you’re interested, feel free to register now! :wink:

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Thank You fizzy.