No ticket recieved!

i was playing the satalite at 3:45 Uk time ( dont know US) and there was 10 left before the break. when i came back (missing 2 minute of the game) i came back in the middle of the last hand and afterwards it said the game had finished and i didnt recieve my ticket!!! please add the ticket to my account because i should have won one. I had over 9000 chips just as i rejoined before the game ended!!! also please help the other 3 players as well who didnt recieve their ticket. I was in the game the rest of the whole time therefore i should get the ticket. please fix :frowning:

If you want any more evidence please feel free to look at recent hands and the last hand of the tournament. would really appreciate if this is fixed thankyou:)

Hand #112147475 (LAST HAND)

Hi Meekez

Something went wrong with the pay-out of the top 9. Players who not received their won ticket will get the ticket as soon as possible (probably you already got it now)

Until this problem is solved the prize pool of the satellites will be 10 tickets (2 tickets for the winner)

Sorry for the inconvenience. Greetings Happiness.

thankyou for the reply i thought there was something wrong. Also i hope the time limit for the expiration of tickets extends will appreciate it :slight_smile:

Also the ticket is now added really apreciate it happiness :slight_smile: