Dashboard display

Under upcoming tourneys include those that are open for late registration.It is frustrating log on and just miss tourneys because you had to go through the poker lobby

Hi PoppaBear.

I understand it gives a bad feeling when you are 1 min (or less than 1 min) to late for registration.

For those players ReplayPoker added the late registration.

You want a link, so you can register by late registration immediately for tourney without getting the lobby first?

Not sure that is a good idea. What if you click on the link accidentally? You can not out the tour any more. Or if you want to look first how many players are playing.

I was thinking for a link in the chatbox (late registration is sill available), but not a good idea too. Sometimes the late registraation is done in 2 (or less) mins, than all reserved seats taken very quick.

Maybe someone else a suggestion?

I think you mean that you want us to list under upcoming tourneys, the late registration ones too. We actually do that already, see attached image. Or do you mean something else, like happiness suggested?

thanks , for the feedback I had not noticed that it was already a function so all is good



I change the status to “implemented” order to close this thread.

winnig % is bad something is wrong software maybe so please help.

The stats are overdue an overhaul, and in fact we’ve been working recently on a brand new system to track the stats. It should go live next week to start tracking hand data, then in the coming months we’ll roll out much improved statistics. Thanks for the feedback.