Thoughts on the 2020 Replay Team Championship

First of all, congratulations to GrumpyOldMen for the win. Well played!

Thanks to the team ay Replay for putting this together. From what I saw, everything ran smoothly, and it had to be a lot of effort to pull this off. You listened to your players and made several changes that made the event better than ever. Questions were answered promptly and publicly, and it was clear that you wanted to provide the best experience possible. Kudos to the staff!

Nothing’s ever perfect though, there’s always room for improvement. What did you all think about the series, and what would make it better?


The 3 weeks of single elimination were brutal. I would like to see a format something like this…

4 weeks of qualifiers
2 weeks of semi-finals
1 final

This would mitigate some of the variance and make the series even better, I think. What do you think?


I like that format better. Having a 2 week semi-final round would be nice.


I preferred the 9 player tables last year. The 6 player tables were not as fun for me.

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I’m pretty sure the tables were 6-max last year too. The quarters had 24 teams, the semis 12, and the final was 5.


Thanks for your feedback guys, the more we get, the more we can make the event even better next year,

Just wanted to chime in and clarify that last year, it was 6 max.




So last year, the entire final table got a swag prize, this year, only the winners got something.

The swag store shows a RTC T-shirt for $20.05, so 18 of these would be $360.90

It also shows a hoodie for $40.10, so 3 of these would be $120.30

I understand that the swag prizes aren’t the same as the regular retail ones, and they might cost more, but the field was roughly twice as big as last year, and the swag prizes are worth 1/3 as much.

With a bigger field, there should be more prizes, not less.

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Congratulations to this years winners!

From a “Team Effort” perspective, the scoring system this year was 1000X better.

I had originally questioned the move to HTML tables, the flash version worked good, tried and true.
Will I miss it? - Nah

My computer did encounter a bit of lag in the final, with 3 games and 2 lobbies opened.
All the other weeks I had only 1 window open, the game that I was actually playing, ignoring everything else.

But the lag in no way altered any of my hands, my terrible final game was all me, no excuses.

Any recommendations you ask?

I honestly don’t know.

A 5 or 6 person “super” team?

2 Team Tournaments?
A 3-5 person team & a 5-10 person team?

And my final thought:
Maybe count every hard earned point?
If a player misses the game, they hurt the team.
Throwing out 25% (3/12) of the cumulative scores is a little too much in my opinion.
Eliminating 1 of the 12 would be more like it.


Well done Replay!

And congrats again to the Grumpy Old Men, and to ALL THE TEAMS who participated throughout!


I enjoyed this team championship so much I was wondering is there any chance of running another one in maybe November, making it a bi annual event? People generally play more in the winter time and I would be interested to see if anyone else feels the same as me.


I know my whole team definitely feels the same, in that we would all enjoy having more than one of these team tournaments per year.


I actually don’t mind them throwing out 3. I think more people were able to participate, even if they knew ahead of time that they might miss a game due to a prior commitment. That being said, I think they should throw out each player’s lowest score, rather than a teams lowest 3. It allows everyone to miss a game or have an off day without the potential of allowing a team into the top 24 with 2 exceptional players and one who is always finishing last. A team like that wouldn’t fare well in the quarter-finals with only one week counted, but the team they beat out might have done well. Just my opinion on the subject :slight_smile:

One thing I missed this year, was the link on the leaderboards, that allowed you to look at a team and see the members listed. I found myself having to click back and forth between the rankings and the team list to find out who was still in it and with so many extra teams this year, that wasn’t easy.

Overall, I found this to be a great team challenge - the scoring change really made the team more important than any one individual. I loved the fact that everyone understood the scoring and could work out for themselves how the team was doing. Great job.


A very good suggestion! Such a popular promotion deserves two bites of the cherry per year. :cherries:


Hello! In my opinion at least two championship like RTC per year would be awesome.

Prize distribution is fine. But I think 3/12 removed results is really kinda much. I know not a few RTC players were offline during the qualifications rounds, but they have registered because they wanted to play.

I saw there were some events where nationalities were competing. I find it interesting. There could be a championship similar to RTC. Teams of 5-8 players from any country would compete. I think it would make replaypoker more attractive.

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