Where does the quality frequent?

Replay provides a variety of way in which you can play Texas Holdem.
So where, amongst these plethora of choices, will you consistently find the best players and thus the best poker games?
Is the answer stakes based or is there more to it than that?
What evidence do you have to support your claims or is it simply a personal opinion derived from your observations?
I look forward to reading your thoughts on this topic. Thank you.

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I think it’s mostly stakes-based. From what I’ve seen, most of the best ring game players tend to play 6-max at the highest stakes they can find. These probably mostly play shorter than 6-handed, based on experience from another site.

If you’re a tournament player, you might want to look at the regional league tournies. I like them because they usually have fairly large fields, and because each regional has a core of regulars, some of which are pretty solid players.

The 100k SnGs are uaually a good game. The bigger ones take forever to fill, but would theoretically have better players, I guess.

SnGs are like the race cars of tournament poker: vroom vroom, let’s go. People run out of gas sitting on the starting line, and leave before the race starts. At least the 100ks fill reasonably fast.

Thes are, of course, simple personal opinions.


Thanks Sun
What are your thoughts on some of these private leagues that have been established?

I’m not in any private leagues, so can’t really say.

If you are looking for good players though, check out the Donks league.


Let me use this opportunity to shamelessly advertise the Donks League, a private league which aims to bring together the best tournament players and host the toughest multi-table tournaments on Replay Poker. Our tournaments have run for almost four years. In these four years, we have grown from 22 charter members and a single weekly game to over 150 active members and nine games per week all averaging around 30-40 entrants. One of our unique features is a tiered league structure. New members start out in the Silver Donks tier. At the end of each quarter, the best-performing Silver Donks advance to the Golden Donks tier. In addition, we also have a rank requirement to join us, which broadly ensures a baseline skill level of our membership. We also have our own private leaderboards and awards.

I have played a lot of public tournaments, and I believe the average quality of play in our league tournaments is significantly higher than in almost any public tournament on Replay, with the possible exception of the 2.5M Saturday Fever and the 5M Widow’s Bite (which generally have fairly small fields). A big part of your success in public tournaments depends on your ability to identify and exploit (very) weak players who are willing to stack off lightly. A lot of the regulars who frequently dominate the Replay Poker regional leagues or monthly MTT leaderboards tend to be very good at this. While this is an easy way to make a lot of profit, it may make it more difficult for you to adjust once you are playing in tougher fields and to generally improve your game. If you want to improve your game and get ready to face tougher opposition, consider joining the Donks. That being said, the Donks League is also a social venue for many of our members and friendly interactions at the tables are always encouraged.

If anyone reading this wants to find out more about the Donks, check out our league website.


I’m partial to the Justice League. Everyone is a Superhero :+1:t2:


Which one is you Craig?

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Superman of course :wink:

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