Serious Hold-Em Players Wanted

Are there any serious players in this site?
Looking for players who know how to play No-Limit Hold’em.

I play in local casinos and understand that it’s free Monopoly Money to play here.
It’s so frustrating to watch players make unrealistic preflop calls or chase huge bets to the river, to either win or lose.

Just asking if there is anyway or any players who want to have a real
Hold-Em game and not always play “Poker Roulette”?


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You can start your own league for serious players and set your own rules. Go to the drop down and select leagues.


Craig, thanks for your response. I saw the league option, but they aren’t they just tournament play? Looking more for cash game play.

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I think leagues are tournament only, yes. One option could be if you ask folks who are interested to send you a Friends request on the site, and when a load of you are online at the same time, join an empty Ring table of preferred stakes, and invite one or two friends to play. That’s probably the easiest way, I understand where you’re coming from on this, too many Pre-flop raisers and all-inners on this website, it gets real boring real fast.

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True, I forgot about tournament play only.

I would like to get together with a group of five exceptionally weak players to play a ring game on a 6-seater table.

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Just find the stakes you’re looking for and look at everyone’s ranking before you sit down. I’ve often found games in the 10/20s where every player at the table has a seriously low ranking whether it’s 6Max or Full Ring, and I’m the only player without a high 6 figure ranking. At those kinds of tables, the chips are pretty much there for the taking. On rare occasions you can find a 25/50 stake game. When you do, it’ll be lucrative. Plenty of chip-spewers.

Low rankings don’t necessarily mean bad players. Someone who is very talented at poker could have just joined the website last week and therefore has a very low chip count, never forget that ranking only equates to how many chips you have, not how well you can play.


But it means at what stakes you can play at , no ?

Well I only play low stakes, so I guess I’m used to seeing lower rankings, but often high rank players are there too, 3000 ranking number or lower for example. I’m a bit confused about the whole High stakes low stakes meaning anyway, according to my profile it says High Stakes but it doesn’t mean that I play high stakes games. Think it’s just to do with how long I’ve been registered and how many chips I’ve amounted over the time. Not sure.

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Yeah, not sure what the ranking is all about either.
Would be nice to play a game with talented players not looking for the play to the river attitude or maybe I’ll get lucky on the flop play. No one would play or survive a cash game playing this way. If these was games for real money you would bet these players would straighten up real quick.

Thanks all for comments.


Try playing at high stakes over 1 million. See the difference.

It is perfectly true that low rankings does not necessarily mean bad players. Everybody starts with 2500 chips. At least that’s what it was when I started.

However I don’t think it means that the rankings I completely meaningless. You can buy chips, so bought chips may contribute a bit towards rankings, but I would say that anybody who has more than 50 million chips is probably quite competent, because they could not have bought that number of chips. (I don’t think.) Then the people who have billions of chips are definitely fairly competent players, because by definition they have beaten the pants off most of the best players on the site.

However the good news is that you can still find plenty of Chip donators on the 10K/20K ring game tables. Not sure what ranking most of the players are, because I usually play on my phone app and cannot look at the rankings of the players on the table.


Theses are true words :+1:t2:

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The rankings are entirely based on the amount of chips you have. I admit that I play much looser here than in real cash games.

So you’re not a serious hold ‘em player as the thread suggests.

“It’s so frustrating to watch players make unrealistic preflop calls or chase huge bets to the river, to either win or lose.”

The way I see it, this site does a good job of teaching you to make exploitative adaptations to the competition. It also lets you test out your theories about how to exploit various play styles without risking real money. On the other hand, it doesn’t do a good job of teaching you to play anything approaching GTO, or how to play against opponents playing some kind of perfunctory approximation to GTO. I recommend using it for what it’s good for, because you can’t change society :slight_smile:

You can set up a private table ( not league games ) for whatever game and stakes you want.

And that is recreational video poker.

Oh, u be surprised, there are some VERY good players here and some VERY bad cash players at casinos.