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We all know that Replay Poker has numerous player table sizes, which is a good thing, as the players have numerous options. They have a 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12 and 18 player tables. I personally prefer the 9 player tables. I have never played a large player table so I don’t know what it is like. The question is how many players per table would you like to play poker with, have played poker with or the size table you prefer to play poker on. We all know that you play with numerous players in a Tournaments, so they do not count. I want to see how many energetic players we have. After all, the bigger the table the longer the game. By the way, 1 is not a valid answer.

There are 12 and 18 player tables? Where?

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They are in the Sit and Go tournament section.

The 12 and 18 seat SnGs are multi-table.

I like 9-seat tournament tables. I learned tournament poker playing real money, 1,100 seat tourneies that had 10 seat tables, so my strategies kinda favor large field tournies with more players per table. I’m comfortable playing shorter-handed, but generally, more is better for me.

I wouldn’t call myself “energetic,” but I do occasionally get up to get my own beverages.

I mostly play MTT’s so I’m used to playing 9 player tables where I have a different strategy versus when I’m at the final table (less than 9). You really don’t want to play me HU at the final table. I’m very LAG at that point.

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I want to play anyone in the world heads up at the final table. Even if I lose, 2nd place in a tournament isn’t so bad. Give me enough of those and I’ll have a 538% ROI like that other fella.


I prefer 6 and 4 max, where the proper strategy requires playing more hands. Which makes it more fun.

I find 9 player full rings hard to play on Replay. The loose/passive nature of free poker means there’s a lot of preflop limping and flat calling of raises, which leads to most hands being multiway and harder to play.

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Replay also has 10 seat tables but you only find them in a few Leagues.

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they have 12 and 18 seaters at the regular SnG’s also not just multi tables :slight_smile:

Well, maybe. I just looked at one, and the lobby says, “SnG MT 6-Max,” so it would open with 3, 6-seat tables. The “MT” in the name means “multi Table.”

But there could be SnGs with which I am not familiar.

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Might just be for the special games but if you click on them you will see 12 seats.
I thought when you said MT you means the mulit table tourney section but yes I believe you are correct it will open with 3 tables :slight_smile:

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I just looked this up. And, if you highlight that game and left click on the register screen it will show 6 or 4 seats per table in the description. The same goes for the 18 seat SnG’s where it indicated 9 seats per table. So, they are MT games.

Hope that helps.

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Yeah, I could have said it better, sorry.

I’d like to see how crowded a table looks with 10, 12 , 18 players at a table and not multiple tables.

Looking for a screenshot please .

No lap sitters SPG :joy:

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Haha, I was just about to point out that I usually have a monkey in my lap and assume most other players do too!

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10 seat tables look just fine Craig, we use them all the time in Team Play Poker :slight_smile:

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Can I see a screenshot of what it looks like 10, 12and 14 please ?

You have played on 10 seat tables Craig when you played team with us.

As for 12 and 14 seat tables, well they don’t exist.

Yes, now I remember. Too crowded for me!! Thank you for the screenshot.

Checking in, killing time, one smoke: 9. Playing poker, getting serious, performing, running well: 4 & 6