Differences in Maximum Buy-Ins for Ring Games

Probably just the OCD part of my brain having not enough to do but I noticed that the maximum buy-in for ring games is a pretty standard 200BB, except for 3 tiers in the high-stakes band. For the 5K/10K, 10K/20K and 20K/40K games the maximum buy-ins are 150BB’s. Is there a reason for having these 3 tiers set to a different maximum than the rest of the games?

On the topic of buy-ins, conventional wisdom seems to be to buy in for the maximum. When I play live, I generally buy-in for 100BBs while some people buy in for double. On Replay Poker, I see a lot of people buy in for the minimum and most buy in for 100BB. If anyone wishes to share their thoughts on what levels they buy-in for and why, it would be appreciated.

Added content - In live games I also choose stakes where I am prepared to make at least 1 rebuy should I need to. Therefore, if I am managing my bankroll properly, I am sitting at a table where my initial buy-in, plus the number of rebuys I am prepared to make, accounts for no more than 5% of the total.

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Hi, 1warlock. I usually buy in at minimum for two reasons. First, I play tighter when I think I’m close to broke. Second, I have less at risk when Joe Nuubie goes all in and I call him. If I win, I win less, but when I lose, it is a limited loss that I can repeat as needed. So, while it encourages caution, it also takes away fear of utter disaster. I’m sure you, like everyone else, will decide what you’re comfortable with. That’s all that matters.
I suspect the reason the max is lower at the upper end is to encourage players who are borderline.

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Thanks for the input Alan. Good point about downside protection from the all-ins. Maybe that’s the reason a lot of people do it? I would guess the other big reason is that people want to play as high stakes as they can and so may reach for the highest limit they can buy into, even at the minimum.

I do have to find my “comfort zone”. I haven’t played much of the ring games here yet but need to in order to make significant strides in bankroll.

I thought it could be something like that regarding the max buy-ins but if you go above the 20K/40K tables, it reverts back to 200BB. Only those 3 stakes are capped at 150BB.

Best of luck to you

great point,

i have saw indeed some of them that had a 150 bb limit instead of 200 but haven’t really looked which ones it was.

i think it would be a nice thing to get it to 200 in all of them, since this are all high stake limits, and i assume the higher stake players would like having a choise in having an advantage like that. and ppl who don’t wanna buy in that big are still freely to doing so.

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