When are we going to get an update today on our standings, it has been over 2 hours

When are we going to get an update today on our standings, it has been over 2 hours

Hey, Misty ,I haven’t even received any tournament points today, I hope they get it straightened out soon.

I see we just got an update, but I am still missing a lot of points, hope that fix is coming soon also.

Sorry folks, we ran into some problems over the weekend, and only managed to get it all fixed yesterday afternoon. We fixed all the promotion leaderboards to ensure they were updated with all results. Everything should be working normally again now.

We’re going to put additional safeguards in place to avoid a repeat of this weekend’s problems; which caused an unacceptable number of issues for players. No excuses, we need to do better!

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Tourney Points for 3rf, What happened. When did we stop getting tourney points for 3rd in a 6 person sit n go.
Please check my 3rds and make sure I have been getting all my points. It is important
in this replay cup . Thank You.

Just to add, this was caused by the weekend issues, where the points didn’t show up immediately in the leaderboard. We updated the leaderboards and made sure 100% all scores were taken into account. If you check now, you’ll see the correct rankings.

European league leader boards still looks completely messed up. On top it says 1th to 31 th august, on bottom it says resuls for june


Here’s what I’m seeing, and it looks okay to me:

I’ve clicked Month 2 so its minimized. Are you seeing something different?

Looks all good now, you’re doing a great job guys, tym!