American league points scam

I started the day with 84k points. I finished 11th in the dream tourney and made 18k points. How does that now equal 71k points and dropping 2 spots. What the heck is going on with this site? An explanation would be very helpful…

Thanks for letting us know about this – that definitely sounds unusual. I’ve passed this to our tech team and we’ll have an update shortly!

Just got back the info. There were a couple of tournaments you placed in during our outage on April 3rd (4th in American Special and 29th in American Dream), and we excluded these tournaments from the leaderboard. When we have unexpected downtime, we currently leave the prizes won by the players who manage to come back and play through the end of the tournament, but do not have them count toward the leaderboard as to not penalize players who aren’t able to come back in time.

So… I sit around for 20 mins or so and finish the tourney and finish my best all month and you all decide not to count it… How replay of you all. No heads up, no consideration over players efforts and until someone asks a question, no explanation. The rules change too much around here. Last month we had the same issue and you counted the points even though the tourney wasnt finished. I argued that those shouldnt count because there was no winner. In this case there was a winner and people that waited around to finish and you dont count the points. What gives??? This is totally contrary to what you all said last month. I would like to know how this is right.,… And yes, I am very irked by the whole deal.

For any significant downtime (15+ minutes), we always exclude tournaments from leaderboards and refund all participants. If players manage to come back and finish any of these tournaments, we leave the prizes that can be reached more easily since there are an increased number of sit-outs from the outage.

In order to ensure game fairness, so that downtime doesn’t skew our competitions and leaderboards, we don’t count any tournament points for these events. We always apply this rule so that players who can’t make it back to the table are treated fairly.

Fortunately, we’ve made a major breakthrough with our service provider and this outage frequency should be a thing of the past very soon!

You counted the points last month because I questioned and disputed them. So you shouldnt use the term always. That is simply not true.

Maybe its time for me to find a more consistent site. This one sure isnt it

You do know this is a free site?

So that makes it ok to change the rules monthly and be dishonest about it?

I understand the desire to make everyone happy.
That said, NotTheOne has a solid point.
A tournament is either valid or its not.
Valid = Prizes and points awarded as usual.
Invalid = Entry fees refunded, no prizes or points awarded.
Everyone might not be happy but everyone is treated fairly.

All Im asking for is consistency. I just learned that the points did count on the MTT leaderboards but not the Am League leaderboards. So all I have to say is wtf…

Hey @NotTheOne,

You are absolutely correct. We do remove the points earned in affected tournaments from all leaderboards. Not just one or the other.

In that case, the leaderboard you are pointing out have not been updated yet. Apologies for the delay. These downtime issues really created a lot of ground work for our team. Most of it being manual and requires some dev jobs. The manual update of our leaderboards is one of them. We are implementing some automations that will simplify this for both the player and our teams in the future.

All leaderboards will be updated accordingly by tomorrow. Should also be noted that we will be implementing a new tournament cancellation policy (including refund methodology) very soon. This will be announced on the forum and available on our FAQ upon implementation.

A new set of tourney cancellation rules? Really? So, for the 3rd time in as many months? Pick a set of rules and stick to them!!! That is if you want less confusion. If during the tourney there is an outtage, then how about let the players know whats going to happen to their points, buyins and prizes before you actually do it. That would keep my stats that I keep on track and it wont upset me later when I find out that I was jakd.

I appreciate your frustration about the latest issues that affected the site and your personal experience on Replay. It affected other members of the community as well.

Some piece of information that is worth being mentioned:

  1. We have actually never changed our tournament cancellation or refund policies. When an unexpected downtime occurs on Replay Poker and if it does last more than 15 minutes, we would always refund all buy-ins and leave the prizes to the winners if anyone manage to come back in time to finish the tournament. We also always exclude these tournaments from any tournament leaderboard. This policy clearly has its pros and cons, is not perfect, yet we have always been consistent following it.

  2. This rule stated above has not been clearly visible on the site so far. This is our mistake as we always want any policy or rule to be available to our community on the site for transparency purposes. It will be the case moving forward. The main reason is that Replay Poker have very rarely experienced unexpected downtimes in the past. We are used to offer a 24/7 free service since 2008. The latest and repetitive downtime issues we have experienced in the past few weeks have never happened before.

  3. We moved from having physical servers to Google Cloud a few weeks ago. This is when the unexpected downtime issues have started. This move was essential for Replay to keep growing in player’s traffic, to keep improving its product, and to keep enhancing the player experience for its community. Unfortunately, there have been some post-migration tech hiccups on the Google side. These have now been acknowledged by Google and they are currently working on a fix. We don’t expect having more of these downtimes in the future.

  4. As mentioned in my previous reply, we will change our tournament cancellation and refund policies for the first time very soon. The latest unprecedented events made us rethink our policies. Firstly, we are looking at automating refunds when an unexpected downtime occurs. Secondly, we want to make sure that all policies are clearly visible to our community as transparency is (and has always been) a top priority for us. Finally, the refund policies will change for the better as we want to implement some of the best practices in the industry, particularly for running tournaments. When we are ready to implement these new policies, these will be announced on the forum and available to all our community on the site.

I hope it clarifies things. :blush: