Is there a Glitch in Tourny Points?

I noticed in American League Tuesday I was few thousand Tourny Points behind the Player in front of Me and after I came in 8th place in the Dream Somehow I was now 20 thou behind this player??? Almost like They got My Tourny Points instead of Me. Just wondering…

There isn’t a tournament point glitch, but because of Sunday’s server issues, we had to void one of the tournaments where you earned points: American Hangover, 3219310. When a significant amount of players run into issues, we aren’t able to have those tournaments count toward the leaderboard. The player who was ahead of you overall was not as affected by that tournament being voided because they placed lower. I hope that helps, but please contact if you have further questions and we’ll get back to you ASAP. :slight_smile:

That does make sense and thank You. Just seemed I should have made up ground in both Tourneys and am further back by 10K tourney points. oh well. Still the Best-Replay.


As this question has been answered I will close it now.
Good luck at the tables. smile

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