I can't find my American points today AKA ( The Juicee Question)

Was wondering if other people were have same or similar issues like this, I finished the 1st American tourney & waited for it to show how many points I was awarded for my less than stellar finished towards the regional ranking in that MMT… After a few mins I didn’t see it pop up as it usually does in about 10 to 30 seconds, So I concluded that I must have closed it accidently (since I was playing multiple tourneys at the time) Then after playing the 2nd American (and finishing slightly better than the 1st one, (But still nothing to contact local news team) I paid close attention to my standard Regional MMT tournament points announcement, And this time after 10 mins I still did not see the screen that pops up & tell you your placement & tourney points. (that appear when you finish paying in MMT’s) I am hoping that this something I clicked accidently & turned off my own record of events for these MMT, But I have seen them show up on other tourneys I’ve entered like Ruthie’s or Domino’s. I also can’t find the tourney in my activities…
Any input, or oversight on my part would be of value. Thanks for reading…

I thought the points didn’t post until the tournament was finished?

As far as the pop-up, yeah they should show right away unless you close the table.


this kind of thing happened to me too. I won 300 million and I never got it after leaving the table. What I did was contact replay support and told them what happened, after 3 days they fixed the problem and I got my chips!