MTT Championship points

I dont understand how SunPowerGuru got 28k points last month for winning with 33 players and today Fluke99 won only 5k and some change with 29 players. Am I missing something? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Was wondering the same thing for the SNG Championships points.

Yeah I was wondering too. I was 2nd today and got 3,808 pts, when last week’s 2nd was like 20k.

Also, I won 120k for first with 33 players, and today got 250K for 2nd.

I suspect some sort of witchcraft is afoot!

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue @NotTheOne.

There is indeed an oversight and we will fix the tournament points for each player promptly. We have changed the ticket value from 10,000 to 1 and added a prize pool of 1 Million to make the montly Championship tournaments more appealing. We haven’t realized in the process that changing the tournament ticket value would have an impact on the tournament points earned by participants (as the tournament point formula does take in account the tournament buy-in).

We will manually correct the tournament points earned by players who played thse tournament last week-end. This will ensure fairness in points attribution between the first and second Championship tournaments. Moving forward, the ticket value will go back to 10,000 chips and 1 Million chips will be added on top of it, on each tournament.

Apologies for the inconvenience here.

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Thank you for the quick response and correcting this issue.

Thank you for the explanation and timely response. Ive had issues with replay before but have to say that they always respond and offer detailed explanations. Sorry to turn over your commanding lead SPG but you’re a great enough player to not need it. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know about all that “great player” stuff, but not to worry. I am happy the problem was addressed and resolved.

This last tourney came down to an epic heads up match between me and Fluke, and he deserved the win and the points. Congrats to him for a well fought battle.

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so, when were you all gonna fix the issue and change the standings?

The Tech team will have it sorted tomorrow. I will post an update here as soons as it is updated.

Thanks for taking action quickly.Now as value of ticket is 10k it should be allowed to use for any tourney which is buy in value 10k as is done in case of 50k super ball tickets Reason is some players may not be able to use on one specified day and time i.e 2nd Sunday of the month Unused tickets at the end of year to be cancelled.

Championship rankings will only be updated early next week unfortunately. The manual update for these rankings is a little bit more tricky than expected. However, see below the official rankings after two tournaments for both competitions. This will reflect on the two promotion pages early next week.

  • Championship - MTT Rankings

  • Championship - SNG Rankings

These tickets exclusively relate to the Championship competitions. These are awarded on top of monthly leagues and leaderboard prizes. The sole purpose of these tickets is to be a mean of entry for the Championship events.

The value of 10,000 that is being added in the tournament prize pool should be seen as a bonus. The objective is really to encourage all ticket holders to use their tickets in Championship tournaments. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.

Just to confirm that Championship Leaderboards are not updated correctly. Thank you for your patience.

If we win a ticket do we still have to use it the 2nd Sunday of the next month, or can we save it , if unable to play or if we win 2 tickets , can we save one ?

  1. Tickets will now be valid for 12 months. This means players can win multiple tickets in one same month and still use them on the next months. If a player wins more than 12 tickets in one year, the extras must be forfeit as these won’t be carried on the following year.
    I saw this on here under another topic but have noticed that it hasn’t been changed under the Promotions rules , so was just wondering…

Validity of ticket is shown for 11 months I saw it in the bank account.We can use these tickets for any month before the end of year

Are you sure that’s for the Champion LeaderBoards , because I have 1 that shows there also but won that in an MTT where top 9 players win a ticket …

I rechecked my bank account I have 3 unused championship tickets showing 11 months validity.Do u have any unused ticket in your account? If yes then there is some mistake Get clarified from Shakeraise

I confirm that a Championship ticket can now be used on any month of the year. However, these won’t be exchangeable for free chips at the end of the year and won’t be carried forward to next year competition. It might be good practice to use them as early as possible.

The promotion page will be updated accordingly next week.

Thanks !