What's your story Almost gaining a seat in the TOC

Here’s the hand that took me out in today’s High Roller.
At first I thought I won the hand until the chips went the other way, lol


That was tough to witness.

The first year I played in the festival…which I think was RPOS VIII, it came down to my last event…the High Roller Main Event. I was heads up with someone who already qualified (but like most years…TOC seats didn’t trickle down to the highest non-qualifier). The money went in on the flop and he barely had me covered. He had bottom two and I had top pair with backdoors + counterfeits. I sadly failed to get there, though.

Next season…RPOS IX, I was heads up with -BlackWidow- in a high roller event, and she had already qualified from a previous event. The money went in pre flop and I had a slim equity lead (and a narrow chip lead) with Ace high but she caught (from her double paint hand) and I couldn’t come back from there.

Finally made it to the TOC last year during RPOS X when I won the stud hi/lo event. (I would have made it any way as I finished 2nd in the next event to someone who already qualified. As a matter of fact, I think Goat was third in that event and thus the 4TH place person won the TOC seat, which was crazy. But I was glad to WIN my seat instead of the hand-me-down.) They allowed for a trickle down effect last year.


Ouch those ones sting, especially that late in a tournament. So far this year the furtherest I gotten is one final table as the second short stack so I haven’t been in position to almost get there. But 2 out of 3 “cashes” isn’t bad so far.


Congrats qualifying again this year, it’s not easy, besides playing well you also need a bit of good fortune, always the case winning a tourney.
Halfway thru, it appears you and JMT are in a tight battle winning the top award at the High Rollers Leaderboard. Good luck with that, see you at the tables.


kinda close, got clobbered this time lol

2nd in #17 today
As close as you can get without making it


it’s not easy winning, good luck making the TOC

I’ll tell you what makes up for not quite making the TOC thus far…winning Saturday Fever for over 29 mil!! :slight_smile:

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Well done! I’m jealous. The Saturday Fever is one dangling carrot I have yet to grab. I haven’t played it much but have yet to win it either. I think 3 3rds are my best finishes so far in that event + 1 2nd in the Widow’s Bite.

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Made 7th this time, sadly towards the end I starting having lagging issues and getting sat out, the usual bs that ruins the game. Here’s the one that took me out today.

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After freezing for the tenth time in RPOS #30 i finally gave up my quest this year. 7th and an 8th were my best, so at least i didnt get skunked. GL to all that made the TOC,

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