I can't seem to win a hand

been playing for couple of years - never had to buy chips - understand the luck of the cards - know how the cards walk the table - this latest episode has been more than disconcerting - it is as if there is a very real hand in the outcome - I have lost more than 300 k in chips on all types of tourneys and tables - no matter what I have the other guy has one card better - have gone from high stakes in top 1500 to low stakes and cant win a hand - I honestly feel this is the result of an argument with one of the top players about a week or so ago - just a gut feeling – almost never get involved with chat but he was such an ass I suggested he play his game and leave the rest of us to our own devices - oddly the original comment from him was not directed to me but to another player - I just felt he was way out of line - I looked at his stats - as I remember he was in the top 100 - just have a queasy feeling that there is more than luck to this slide I am in - if it continues you will lose a 2 year member who really never causes any trouble - ask happiness or minksnopes about me

Hi cap117,

Sorry to hear about your recent bad run. If you are suggesting that some of the top player have a way to influence what cards you get, I can assure you 100% that most definitely is impossible. Even we the admin have no way to influence any of the cards. It’s the cornerstone of ReplayPoker, and I’d hope every poker site, that the randomness and fairness of the game be the no.1 consideration, otherwise there’s absolutely no point playing.

Best, Paul

wasn’t suggesting paul was flat out saying – want some really interesting news-- signed in today and in 5 min won 40k – amazing - really want to believe but have also watched some of the top players always winning at the final table in big tournaments - I have won some freerolls and placed in two of the sunday million tourneys but there are some guys who really win a lot — that is about as improbable as what I was saying - but it is happening - so either these guys are clairvoyant or something else is afoot - because they just are not that good – I would be right there with those guys but I am a very impatient and emotional player - well time will tell – sorry to bother you with ghost stories

Thanks for the update cap117… we’re really eager to add lots more stats to player profile so you can really see how good a player each person is. That level of transparency will also really help to dispel the myth of players who always seem to win (I’m sure they don’t!).

I thought it was just me .Almost the exact thing happened to me…About a month ago I believe it was “Happiness” explaining a situation to another player. I commented that “Replay” was doing the best they could to remedy it. For some unexplained reason I never won anything or any game for over a month, after that conversation, and I play about every day. In my mind I just figured it was odd, but could not shake the feeling it had something to do with that day, even though I stood up for Replay. FINALLY the other day I won a tourney after losing over 100,000. I know this is probably just the way the game goes, but still…it was eerie to read about it, just like I was the one writing it!

Yes i remember that ss474, and i remember you stood up for the site, i appreciated that.

ReplayPoker has no influence what cards a player gets, not in ring games and not in tourneys.

And not winning tournaments…hmm…i think all regular tourplayers know what you mean. We all been there. Especially when you play the tourneys with 25 -35 players it is hard to end in the prices. There are a lot of good tourney players on the site.

Glad you won again. Greetings Happiness.

Thank you for responding. However I do have one last request. Could you please give me some cheese to go with my “Whine”? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: (Stillchester if you have it!)

The other day i asked why there are so many unrealistic hands at replay, especially quads often 10 minutes apart. didn’t get an answer but the next day when i signed on i got quads first hand. isn’t that cute? all the friends i recommended replay to quit because there are several free sites that are more realistic. your super hot deck seems to get even hotter the higher the stakes. i saw a comment from paul saying there’s no point in playing if the deal is not random and i’m coming to the same conclusion. there’s lots of nice folks here and it’s too bad you don’t have confidence to a more accurate game. it’s sad and unnecessary, and i bet most feel a random game would be better. i’ve had about 200,000 hands and my conclusions seem to be shared by many. all we want is an honest game like you find on several other free sites.

I feel the same way for the very same reasons ,it sure seems that someone is controlling the cards ,other player always seems to get the card they nee to win no matter , like pervious post started after statements with so called life player,just very weird to hear other players have the same turn of LUCK after a run in with the PRO’s

We absolutely have never influenced the cards on Replay, integrity of the cards are the cornerstone of the site, it’s set up to be 100% random, plain and simple.

cap 117 and ss474, I agree with both your comments. I have never had a run in with other players.I also understand the randomness of the cards. Went to top 1,000 in rankings,then for some months unable to win any tournament. I believe it is related to those who buy chips and those who do not. Understand it is not necessary for you to get a run of bad hands but a run of second best hands to take you out of a tournament. I know that what ever great hand I have some one will have a better kicker or higher flush or straight!

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Sharon,Know how you feel,Had aces full of kings go all in.Caller with trip 2s calls hits 4 th 2 on river and I am out of the tournament.Lately 80 % of the time I go in with best hand and come out beaten!

Sharon, lol, that is the standard for Replay.

That’s why it should be called Setup Poker instead of Replay.

I’ve been talking about this for some time now.

I wrote this doesn’t resemble real poker in the least because most wouldn’t call to see the outcome.

But because most here know the odds of catching the river are very high stay in it until the end.

I saw the hand you posted for review, you were ahead all the way until that famous card came through.

Also, if you noticed the pattern, whomever starts out hot in a tourny always seems to consistently get the cards no matter what. That’s not real poker as they don’t have to strategize because they know they will either catch or hand or the other player isn’t getting anything.

It happens all the time.

I even reported the hands I won as being very unlikely.

Didn’t matter what I got, the flop always matched it in some way or I would catch the river.

Every Time!

I would apologize to the other player because it was so unbelievable.

Hey, but they will tell you, it’s just the players that beat you are better players and in no way is the outcome pre-determined.

In other words, you know not what you see.

Robert Blass

You won all hands no matter which cards you had, you played all hands and won them all, called all the preflop bets and all other bets and you won every hand? And that went on and on? You won all your hands in a row for a long time?

Would there be one reason that a poker site, which does so much for all the players, will ruin the game poker? What sense makes it to let one player win or lose? What sense makes it to offer an unfair game? The dealing program is tested and ReplayPoker has a certificat for showing the fairness of the game.

Players often frustrated when they lose many hands / chips on a day. And others can had a good day and won a lot. No hand gives the guarantie to win. The play style for play chips will never be the same as for real money, for play chips players take more risk, call more often and play hands they would fold for real money. But nothing wrong with that. It is a fact. I’m a serious player and play to win, but also call more hands here than i would for real money.

ReplayPoker organizes many promotions, offering to the players fun, competition and excitement and many many free chips to win for players.

There is no reason (and not happen) to ruin that, all players have a fair chance to win. It is poker, luck and skills.

If you accuse the site for being unfair to the players (very heavy accuse) send your prove to the staff.

And telling knowing (how you know when you cannot see them) which cards are coming is not enough and show hands you should have lost or win is not enough also. Every hand can win.

Accusing the site for offering an unfair game is very heavy. Not think you can do that without proof and based on your own thoughts only.


Happiness, didn’t mean to offend you.

However, for what evidence I could put forth, I did. I gave the tourney number where I won almost all of the hands without even trying.

Furthermore, I never said or suggested the site was unfair to players. What I said, and I stand behind, the computer program pre-determines the outcome. Meaning, it could be anyone but usually it’s the player that is on the hot streak.

Seems no matter what, the computer gives that player very playable cards while everyone else gets crap cards.

That happens all the time and it has happened for me and against me.

I take this site and game very seriously too, otherwise I wouldn’t be wasting my time giving the feedback.

And, I’ve been consistent.

I love that people are so adamant in suggesting that RP is somehow rigging the dealing :slight_smile:

What would be the point? There is no reason.

The only thing that could be done to the software - which I suspect Zynge Poker on the God-awful Facebook is guilty of - is ensuring that there are more good hands per round than in an ordinary game - so that it keeps people interested and playing, but having played RP for sometime now, I doubt that this is the case.

I have had good days and bad on RP. From 0 to 27 million and back again. I enjoy the swings and the gameplay feels fair and unbiast.

Congratualtions Replay, and thanks for the games!