RPOS Event 7

There is/was a problem in this tourney. People were getting one hole card up and one face down. Kinda hard to play when you can’t see your own cards!

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Well, that’s a new one! Getting in touch with our tech team to see what’s going on. Thanks for the report!


SPG you’re playing Royal??? :joy::joy::joy:


Haha, I’m sort of playing Royal. I have no idea how to play Royal, mind you, but I am in the tournament.


If, by any miracle, you decide to play Royal again, and would like some advice, check this thread, it’s very useful:

Royal Poker Advice

And best of luck for RPOS :+1:


I was in the game this was happening to, it looked like, all players on all tables. I sent the game number into support.

It looks like this particular event was created as 9-handed, which doesn’t work correctly in Royal Hold’em. We’re going to refund everyone’s entry fees once the tournament ends and the points won’t count toward the leaderboard, since this is an invalid format. We’ll ensure this is corrected going forward. I’m very sorry for the trouble (and the strangeness!). Thanks a lot for letting us know it was happening.


Will there be another tournament ?

since this is a limited tourney event, and all games count, is there any way to provide leaderboard points to the participants of this event. Even though the format was not correct, and refunds will be given, the points are important to those who stuck with it as best they could.

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I agree with @will_lira … those of us who showed up to play, should all get tournament points… that way there was a reason to show up, and those that miss’d out, miss’d out…

Say like 10,000 tourn-points for all who play’d… that is Fair to those who showed up.


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Well, now that you laughed at me for trying my very best, I doubt I will play Royal ever again.


If the board tell you that you earned 14.270 pts then I think you should get those pts. The card down effected everyone so everyone had the same handicap. It was an even playing field. I folded when it happened but still played, taints the effect of tourney pts.

I don’t think everyone was affected equally. Sometimes it was most of the table, sometimes only 1 or 2 hands. If it didn’t affect everyone equally, you can’t count the points.

I think the best solution would be to run the tournament again.

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@SunPowerGuru ,

But Will_Lira has a valid point… those of us who showed up would’ve gotten some points, while those who couldn’t make it, would not have… All of us who showed up deserve equal points for the uneveness, and because it might be the only RPOS event some players can play today. You can’t discount that, and all those who couldn’t make it, would’ve lost ground to us who did.

Otherwise, run a do-ver, and only invite those who played originally… easier just to give everyone who play’d something… and call her good from there…



Hey all, thanks for your feedback, and I just discussed this with the team. While we’ll be leaving chip prizes as is, along with awarding some bonus chips for the inconvenience, the leaderboard points will not count, as it’s simply not fair when people weren’t playing a valid format and it wasn’t working properly.

We are rescheduling this tournament for the same time on Friday – that’s September 28th at 10am ET. The points in this rescheduled tournament will count toward the leaderboard instead.


I think that’s a great solution. Thanks for the prompt action.

Awesome Fizzy, so we’ll have 2 to play same time on friday… nice… ( yes Thanks )

more than fair thank you all

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Wise and just decision Replay. Well done!

(Not really interested. Just building up brownie points to delay the eventual 100 year ban)

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Table of 6 or 7 in next Tournament I imagine. Hidden Card Royal was a Surprise.