What was your very 1 ST car you owned? Any related stories?

1954 ford pickup 3 speed on the column had many a great days in that truck wish I still had it


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I was in my Impala (see previous post) one nite going back to Frayser (a suburb of Memphis) on Thomas St.

Anyway we were approaching a long straightaway over the Wolf River when a 68 Barracuda pulls up next to me so I drop to second gear and the race is on…2 other cars behind us joined the race but I was maintaining my lead when a 440 Dodge Superbird (who had not even been there for the start of the race) passed us all.

He made the light at the Frayser Drive In and that was the last I saw of him…myself and the Barracuda driver adjourned to the Krystal for burgers and a discussion as to how that was the first time we had seen or participated in something like that.


a 52 buick straight 8 motor 3 speed on the column best and most comfortable seats especially the back would only do 60 - 79 mph no kph yet but reliable as sunshine and bubble gum

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A 2012 Z06 Vette like this one

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My first car was a wee red VW beetle, which I got when I was 18 and I had it for a number of years.
I was never in much of a rush which was just as well.
Still managed to go from Edinburgh to Glastonbury festival in 1990 with five adults the tents and stuff + a lot of beer, all the way at 50mph ish. Luckily two of the guys in the back were very small people :grin:

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Long story, sry & could go on lol

But as a kid delivering newspapers on a bicycle, advanced to motorcycle delivering over 250 paper’s a day. This advanced me to, the first car I bought was a 1965 Ford galaxy, to make the job easier. It crashed the first day when a drunk driver, slammed me into a retaining wall. And never got reimbursed due to our my state insurance laws at the time


Thanks jazzdemon for reviving this topic or say jumpstarting it with your 52 Buick after over 3+ years.

Your 52 Buick was reliable as sunshine and bubblegum… love that!

Donkbusta - Cool ride!

Swamptrash - That’s a rare sight - 5 people in a VW!

Litenin - That’s a rare occurrence too.

This Scout II video makes me feel old!

I hope this topic continues on for a long while.

So many cool stories around the corner.


Thanks , I believe it was a test at an early age to teach me to survive. So I got on my motorcycle to continue my job and build up enough money, to buy a cheap Corvaire to deliver the papers. All I had to buy for the car was, a little gas and a lot of oil. lol

I think the first car is a big milestone in life, when I bump into people from that time they still mention my wee red beetle and the various adventures they had in it which is nice as over 30 years ago now.
However for me my first motorcycle was an equally important milestone, probably even more than the beetle. Been a biker for many years now, Rain hail or shine :motorcycle:

My first car was a 1964 British Leyland Triumph Spitfire 4 Mk 1, I got in trouble for spinning doughnuts at the state park and the park ranger rather than call the police on me, made me pick up garbage at the park for a week. it was red very small car with a 1147 cc 4-cylinder twin SUs that needed a uni-sync.


Now that’s a cool looking car! :grinning::+1:

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As a senior in high school my older brother found me a 1952 chevy deluxe coupe, it was orange with a black leather interior. The price was $50, which was high, but it was in excellent condition. That said I did not know the seller, just a last name. Fast forward from 1968 to 2023 at my part-time job delivering cars we were talking about first cars, and I described mine and one of the workers was the seller. Small world.

Here’s the sad part: When I left for the Maries after graduation, my mother concerned that the city would tow it from the driveway gave it to a friend, who took it hunting and supposedly hit some boulders and left it there, I had no car when I came home on leave.


Thanks everyone for your memorable contributions to this topic!


Imagine having a card game and all these vehicles are parked out back.
You’d know going in, who’s already here for the game.

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