First Car

Growing up I could not wait to get my driver’s license and when I finally did, I could not wait to get my first car. My first car was a 1967 Chevy Impala. What was the first car that you owned?


Never owned an Impala, but drove one as a cab driver - loved it! My first car was a Chrysler LeBaron, long gone, but still my favorite car. Had a Dodge Ram after that and loved it, too. Now I drive an economical Honda Civic. Meh.


My “68 Camaro 327, side exhaust, that I bought in the Marine Corps when I went to “ A” school in Pensacola Florida.


Very sweet Craig.

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I know everyone will envy me. My first car, shared 50/50 with my first husband, was a brand new white Buick Skylark. Our two sets of parents ponied up $1,500 each for that dream wagon! Give up now: No one can beat that!


I bought my first car. It was a Honda Civic with a stick. I beat it up pretty good and got a lot of speeding tickets in it.


I guess it would depend on what year. I think a lot of the older ones pre 1980 look awesome.


My first car was a Audi 80,grey,loved that car !!

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'68 Camaro RS. Bought it in '81 for $2,000 just before I turned 17. Yeah, my cool factor in HS went up a million percent. “So I got that going for me, which is nice.” (apologies to Carl Spackler)


Nice :+1:t2:

Yeah, yours was pretty sweet, too! I love the first gen Camaro. After the RS conked out on me, I got a '68 SS Convertible, red with white top. Back when they were affordable - before the muscle car boom - those were the days!

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1951 four door Pontiac, straight 8 and a 2 speed hydromatic. Eat yer hearts out! lol
I’ve had a lot of cool cars since then, so don’t feel too sorry for me. I couldn’t wait to get a car and was thrilled with that one…for about 4 months. :wink:


I am amending my first car. It was a Plymouth Duster, not a Buick Skylark. My used Buick Skylark was the get-away car I used to leave the guy I owned the Plymouth Duster with. Skylark definitely a better car. :slight_smile:


My first car was a Datsun Cherry in 1976, I loved that little car. and passed my test 1st time in it.

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First car was a 1952 2 door Chevy Deluxe, Orange with black leather interior 3 spd on the floor, Just called it the Pumpkin. $50 dollars.


Only chevy impala I ever owned was the '61 bubble top and had 3 at one time with 327 and 2 with the 283. Loved it

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Vauxhall viva 1.0 SE . - at least the colour is Kool!.

Just passed my test . it was great runabout around little London town


My first car was a 20o5 Camaro Z28 that car was cool! But the coolest car I ever owned was a 1972 Cadillac it was a chick magnet. :wink: :upside_down_face:


1975 Mercury Comet. The Ford Motor Company described the Comet as a “Souped-Up Maverick.” All I can say is that it is proof that one cannot soup up a 1975 Ford Maverick.

It was stolen one day. A few days later, I found it parked in a local mall parking lot. Apparently it had broken down on the guys who stole it.

My first several cars had that same “coolness factor” (sarcasm intended)

1975 Chevy Vega Cosworth–Ran on three cylinders, top speed 48mph. Holes drilled in the floorboard so that water leaking through the windshield could drain (and as a resident of Seattle, this was a common occurrence). Had to add a quart of oil at every fill-up.

1973 Pinto Wagon–Bent tie rod, so if you wanted to make a hard right turn, just let go of the steering wheel. Don’t attempt any left turns. Shook horribly above 35mph.

1979 Ford Fairmont–Driving through the mountains, had to use the semi truck lane because the engine was too weak to go up hills faster than 30mph. Basically a briefcase on wheels. One day the sun hit it just right and I could see the Washington Natural Gas logo painted over on the doors.

The one good thing about the Fairmont, though, is that we got it for half price. My parents bought it for me while I was at school. During the test drive, there was this horrible rattle under the hood. The dealer panicked and offered to knock a chunk off the price. My brother and uncle are mechanics, so they figured it could be fixed easily enough. After the price was agreed to, my stepfather popped the hood to see if he could figure it out (which is a ridiculous thought–he knew less than nothing about cars). He immediately found the problem. He reached in, picked up the screwdriver off the air filter, and handed it to the dealer. Rattle gone!

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All right! No laughing.
This was my first car in London 1968. It was a DAF, a Dutch vehicle.
Did 50 miles per imperial gal. No clutch. Gear lever had 2 positions ,forward and reverse. Completely variable gearing depending on speed.
Drove it loaded with fellow workers from London to a Ford plant in Coventry for a contract job. When I returned to the parking lot in the evening there a was dead daffodil under the windshield wiper.