First dates

On my first proper date with my wife I took her out to a fancy restaurant. All was going well and we seemed to be getting along ok and chatting away. Right about the time I started to relax and enjoy the night I got the hiccups.
Mid sentence I went HICCUP HICCUPHICCUP HICCUP HICCUP . Rather embarrassed at this stage and hoping I hadn’t killed the mood I said “please excuse me” to which the beautiful young lady across from me replied " I excused you the first time I met you, now all I want to do is laugh with you".

C’mon and share your tales

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So, the only blind date I ever went on was with the man I married. (Second time’s the charm for both of us.) I was young and very poor and had a limited wardrobe. My only purse was a diaper bag. Not wanting to carry that on a date, I used a nice little bag that was supposed to go into my bag for my lipstick, a little money (for taxi in case this went wrong!), and just one key: the key to my new little apartment, which I carefully removed from the key ring.

The date went very well! He walked me to my door, we said a sweet good-bye, with promises to see each other again. I slipped out my key and tried to insert it into the apartment door lock. Suddenly I realized with horror that the key I’d so carefully brought went to the trunk of my old beat up car! I had no choice but to call the building manager, who scolded me harshly in front of my date.

The good thing about this first date: No one can ever say this man didn’t have fair warning about what it means to live with a blonde! hahaha 40 years later very little about my mental lapses can surprise him. When I worry I’m losing it, both husband and son reassure me: “Mom, you’ve always been like this!”


After a few yrs of losing my small daughters father, her and I decided to go to the pool of the new apartment we shared together. There was a nice, talkative man there and we struck up a conversation. Somewhere along the way, my daughter took it upon herself to invite him to have dinner with us! He came and ate and we talked all night long. We just celebrated 21 yrs together! Like they say, children and dogs know when someone is kind! She was the best matchmaker I ever had!