What is your definition of a good poker player?

Years ago, I was dealing poker in the John Moss Poker Room at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada.
One day I heard a player at the table ask Johnny how come he was so lucky at cards. Johnny smiled and said, “I read somewhere that “luck” was the innate ability of putting yourself in the path of fortuitous circumstances. I memorized that quote and have lived by it every day since.”

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The definition of poker:
For me, a Live Player, it’s above all patience, strategy, being attentive to the players present and above all respecting raises and positions.
This no longer exists unfortunately. Our so-called successors took over and invented what I call “Bingo poker players”. It’s exactly the same as watching a porn movie and knowing how to make love.
If all online players really played, poker would go back to being “A Damn Strategy Game”. Unfortunately, like everything else, youth has reinvented a poker that I would describe as “make or break”. After 1 year the real poker player, even if he loses these tournaments from time to time, will always be a winner. If young people took the time to read and take this game for a “livelihood” without knowing what the value of the cards is, then it would be much better for everyone, learn to play because your “8-4 OS”, 9 players at the table, it’s not even a dream thing.

Kind regards, Thierry From Belgium

Ps: it’s really getting annoying to play like that because I’m not going to accept this new game policy.
Poker isn’t not Lotto or Bingo Or Disco dancing; poker it’s a real strategy Game, maybe a little luck…
See you at the table