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Looking for people who actually play poker like they are betting money. A lot of people call on a bunch of garbage and get lucky I want a real experience

aka you just got aces cracked by 72o?

real player here

I play to win. If you play against some of the best players you will find some who are smart/creative poker players. Rank is pretty meaningless, but players in the top 300 tend to be good, and in the top 100 are usually extremely good.

Play here will always be somewhat unrealistic because the chips are free, but it can be fun to beat the bad players and try to find the other good players.

Something I’ve noticed both here (and other sites) and in live games is that many, perhaps most, players “fall in love” with their strong hands and make calls that the betting should tell them is foolish. Example: holding both black Aces at Holdem, the river card puts up the FOURTH diamond–the diamond Ace, and into an all-in bet AND a call, the trip As call, And lose to a flush, of course. This isn’t bad luck, it’s poor discipline. Perhaps this is human nature, but it can and will destroy a stack of chips very quickly.
Winning at poker is not a matter of catching good cards. You’ll never lose as much on a crappy hand as you will on a second best full house or quads… Winning is a matter of finding, recognising, and exploiting a good stuation for whatever hand you are holding. Real experts–which I am not–do this as a matter of course. There is no prize for winning the most hands, it only matters who carries off the most chips with them when they leave.
Part of winning the most chips is betting the right amount. If you have a great hand, you DO want people to pay to play against you; learning to size your bets to accomplish this is part of the learning process. The BINGO bettor is betting a great deal to win very little, often only the blinds. The people CALLING the bingo bettor are also betting a great deal, but they stand to win a great deal if they are successful. In early betting, we call it bingo betting, but in the late betting, it becomes “bluffery,” a valuable skill.

I don’t call it bingo, I see it as Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Put on the blindfold, spin around 3 times so yer dizzy, shove them all in the middle, and hope you get lucky. Look at me, I’m a poker player, yay!

I blame televised poker. They don’t have time to show the hours of patient play that often (at least in tournament play) proceeds big moves, they only show the exciting allins. People think this is the way the game should be played.

But it is what it is, and good players can adjust as needed.

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in reply to JoeDirk- i would say the top 1000 are decent players.But if you look at the 5000-15000 high stakes players they are no different than the 200,000 ranked low stakes players.i dont see any distinction between them as they play the mos awful poker i have seen on any site.I see them in the 25k/50k tourney and they mess the entire table.majority of them ranked in that bracket.
But for some of them ranked in that category can play poker like a top 500 player.
I would not agree rank is meaningless,you have to win consistently and finish in top 5 in tourneys or win in rings t to get into the top 500 you just dont land up there.
So saying ranking has no meaning would be incorrect.
We do have idiots who dont want to win but simply bluff and have fun.They are so stupid that you are actually inviting them to bluff and they oblige instantly.They think a check from thier oppponent a no brainer and he will go all in.
On the flip side try to win the 1k,5k,10k buy in consistently its not easy as 70 percent players are just there to donk with no idea of outs or percentages.
to be honest those are tough tournaments to win if you think the 250k,100k and 50k are tough.So if you feel small buy in easy players be rest assured you willl be greeted by 25 donkers just going all in on such bizarre flops you cant fathom it.Look at the low stakes/buy in omaha hi/lo…its a complete circus in there,if you survive that it means you are good and very lucky.
i have played on the Asian pro poker tours apart from high stakes cash games and not making comparisons to cash games.But you can a good player sitting at the table and the consistency he/she dont make the list or rank if you dont have it in you.i respect the rank here and do play with the high rankers every day and i can tell you most are quality players and there is mutual respect in the game.


I say rank is pretty meaningless because players can buy enough chips to be ranked in the top 1000, so rank alone does not say much.

I do agree with you, that once you look at the top players then rank tells you something. Most players ranked under 100 are extremely good. When you watch how players play at ring it is easy to tell the fish from the sharks, and usually at 10k/20k there will be 2-3 players ranked outside of the top 300 who end up losing all of their chips to the highest ranked players.

On the other hand I have seen plenty of players ranked from 100-1000 make terrible plays, so it is not possible to assume anything.

Joe-then i need to be corrected.I was not aware that by buying chips you can increase your rank.i was under the assumption that one has to physically win chips in the rings/tourneys to get there.Going with what you saying then rank would be a superflous factor then again i believe that the better players are surely in the top 1000 and its apparent that in some cases you could tell if the player has made chips or bought his place there.Many players deserve thier spot in that top 1000 and i concur that the top 500 are pretty much a league of thier own.
Moreover when you play with them everyday you as you said you can tell a donk from a player very clearly within 2 hands.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration, more like 5-10.

I have been following your conversation closely because there are huge points you’re making about style of playing which exhibit good sportsmanship and the ways of a gentleman. Someone with a small purse comes into a quiet friendly game and are sharing a similar set of values. Be considerate of the other players in your financial range and don’t exceed the limits of that environment. For example there’s a seat open at a 2-4 N L table and everyone respects the blinds etc and will raise indicating they have perhaps stronger cards than you. Before the flop any hand is a winner or a loser. all of a sudden someone leaves their seat to go home or whatever. ENTER some guy with way too many chips who is a Jack Ass and begins to bet and go ALL IN on every hand basically stealing all the blinds from the the guys simply calling the bet to see the flop… They are perhaps younger players or not but it is an affordable game where everyone has a chance to win or lose basically letting the cards fall where they may. They disrupt a game they had no business being part of in the first place. They are too gutless and idiotic to compete in a higher stakes game lacking any skill or finesse to help a less experienced player. You can tell when some new player comes in and just doesn’t have the know how from a lack of study or experience but they are keeping within the focus of the table. So he’s maybe down in chips and everyone understands when he’s ALL IN and even though the other players could beat him they feel the right thing to do is just check to give his cards a chance to survive. Recently a bully had begun his assault on a really fun table to be playing on. I spoke up on his behavior commenting that he was robbing us by buying the pot of every hand so we did\n’t even have a chance to play our cards or see the flop. I continued by calling him a chicken SHH for not having the balls to play someone his own size.(financially chip-wise) I told him we were playing as a group not to wipe each other off the face of the earth. Further I said, " you must truly enjoy playing with yourself!" That was around the time he split the scene but the damage was done. How do you feel about that?

Don’t ever say this, even if the rest of your post is correct (which it isn’t) no decent poker player would ever take you seriously after you drop this bombshell.

There are times many players come down to the lower tables as they dont have the chips or chip power to sustain at the bigger tables.To be honest i know most even go to the smaller tables as they are used to a high rolls or somee are to embarassed to be sitting there.Those who do wont be able to play the 100/200 all in or even the lets say 10//20k all in (assuming 20k is the full stack).If they play they will as you mentioned they will keep going all in to reraise thier bank roll i would not say they come to bully but they have no other option other than to try thier luck at the smaller tables if they cannot buy is a jackass play and does annoy people
we have some of them in the 1000/2000 blinds table who come there and do the same thing,they go all in 100k/200k but its allowed,may not be table etiquette may not be called ‘poker’ but pure donkism.Eventually they willl come back to the bigger tables once they get thier bank roll back .See thats the lure of big stakes poker ,you cant stay away from it they keep coming back and get hammered…the difference is that the good players always sustain themselves and play within themselves so they never have to go into the small tables to reestablish him or herself.Today i was in a 50k tourney with a guy ranked 600,000 in high stakes.he called every raise anyone made and knocked atleat 3 normally very steady good players.This is going to happen once in a while.
we all knew how stupid he was but what you going to do about it,you wait till a good premium hand comes along and hope not to get donked thats all you can do.Name calling lollllllllll hey we all do that if we getting donked.

What you are describing (though you didn’t give specifics), is exactly the kind of opponent any player wants to face. His “bullying” is just him offering everybody else at the table his chips. My point is that what he was doing is extremely exploitable, and you (or other players at the table) should be able to double and triple up very quickly. At full ring, the chances that someone has a premium hand is extremely high each time, and if he is going all in very often, he will lose a lot very quickly. I love to see these fish at the table, and I will stay until they go bust and leave because sometimes you can quadruple up in a matter of minutes.

True, however I find other players (more than one and often 2 or more) will also go all in. I think what happens is the other player smell blood and don’t have the patients to wait it out. The players here seem to all want Instant gratification. Patients here is always key.

I call this site “Free Chip Poker” It can’t get any more affordable. Since there’s no skin in the game, this site plays total different than a FTF cash game (Can’t say for cash internet sites, never played them). The only gratification to free chip poker is bragging rights which holds no intrinsic value. The true value to free chip poker is the shear enjoyment and fun one can get out of playing.

Whether playing against Bingo, average or season pros it’s just another style of play, and with enough practice, patients you just may be able to crack them all. Good luck and have fun.

I consider myself an average player, but am ranked in the top 1,000. I understand Bingo players in a Ring game, as normally they are there for 5 minutes and then run for the hills when called with no cards and think ‘Oh hell’!!!. In a tourney I relish them, as you can boost your chip count very quickly with observation and a little experience. What upsets me a little bit is when newer players or less experienced players come to a table and are faced with all in bets by 1 or 2 players every hand, either pre or post flop, and want to safeguard their limited stacks. It puts a lot of players off and either look for a new table, or even worse don’t come back at all. In my experience, Bingo players will always be flushed out, (pardon the pun!), fairly quickly. Consistent and patient players will always benefit in the long term. P.S. I totally agree with what was said in a previous message about TV coverage, in which a virgin or new player sees huge or all in bets, thinking that happens on every hand. Good TV perhaps, but not ideal as a lesson in Poker who is new to the game.

Unfortunately, one thing you cannot see, regardless of rank, is how much your opponent has had to drink.

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I play about 8 hours per week in live, brick and mortar cardrooms. What is somewhat surprising is that real money players (especially true gamblers and folks who have more money than brains) will bad beat you just as horribly as folks on this site.

I’ve learned to be more of a flop texture guy. Seeing aces cracked on a 8-8-3 board is not a big surprise. I just learn to minimize my losses, and destroy them when I’m the one who hits.

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That is some good insight. You need to tell the part about the bad beats to all of the conspiracy theorists around here who think online poker is rigged.

You are completely correct about flop texture. AA is a really pretty hand preflop, but the best hand isn’t the prettiest, it’s the one that’s ahead after the river. Actually crushing a board for a straight or a full house is a better way to make money than to cry over a cracked pocket pair.