What is your definition of a good poker player?

Is it to have the best ranking or is it the one who has the most chips or the one who plays tight or is it the bingo guy who gets lucky all the time! What are your thoughts? Are we not all winners who play this game?


It is the one who beats other people regularly.

The number of chips on RP does not mean a great deal, because you could be a really good player on your way up, or a really good player who doesn’t play very often. However I don’t think you can hit 100 million chips just by sheer luck, although many have tried.

Sometimes luck is involved, but good poker players tend to get lucky more often. Hitting good cards with your draws is one kind of luck, but getting seated next to a clueless player is priceless.


Rather than define a good player, I’ll just give an example… Daniel Negreanu.

Negreanu sees poker in its historical context. He knows that he is standing on the shoulders of giants, and seems excited to be part of poker’s evolution. He respects the game.

He also studies non-stop. As good as he is, he realizes he can still learn, so he is driven to become even better. He’s a student of the game.

He seems approachable at the tables, and he’s willing to engage in some good-natured banter with anyone, pro or amateur. He’s an ambassador of the game.

Negreanu has obviously been very successful playing poker. Good players understand the game AND use that understanding to get results. He walks the walk.


A player who wins more than they lose. Having a positive win rate (measured in bb/100) over a sample of at least 10,000 hands. If your win rate is positive you’re a good player relative to the field you’re playing against. Playing profitably in poker is hard, so even having a very small but consistent win rate makes you good in my opinion.


The definition of a good poker player is consistency in trying to improve your game. The learning never ends and in the end your bankroll should show that by increasing over time. It’s not the huge windfall that counts but many wins at a progressive pace.


A good player is one that keeps showing me his hole cards every time
when I muck every time!!! lol
Good question Kondrad,


Best and even good are hard to define. With good, we all tend to use a relative yardstick, comparing ourselves and others to millions of other weaklings. We are all infants relative to the best play possible. As for best, once you lay out some kind of measurement yardstick, you might be able to say who has gone the furthest along that measure; but it is often the case that the most relevant me metrics are not public, and always the case that any single measure is not a complete measure of skill.

Myself, I tend to suspect that Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan are among the strongest human poker players ever. But those that get the most publicity concerning their talent, while almost certainly very talented, are quite likely not the most talented in a world with 8 billion people, and have probably already been passed by many players I am less familiar with.

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पोकर खिलाड़ियों को पोकर के खेल का अच्छा ज्ञान होना चाहिए, लेकिन यह सब कुछ नहीं है। उन्हें अपनी गलतियों से सीखने और अपने विरोधियों से सीखने की क्षमता भी होनी चाहिए। जितना अधिक आप ध्यान देंगे और ध्यान देंगे, आपके भविष्य में हर गेम जीतने की संभावना उतनी ही बेहतर होगी।
Poker players need to have a good knowledge of the game of poker, but that’s not everything. They should also have the ability to learn from their mistakes and learn from their opponents. The more you focus and pay attention, the better your chances of winning every game in the future.


In reality anyone can play poker. What separates a good player from the
rest is who can read others cards. Who can read a bluff the best or know
if they have a low instead of AA . But calling a bluff and winning the hand
takes something special that you can’t teach somebody… Daniel N. is about the best
I have ever seen…


Thank you for your thoughts poker friends, it is not easy to define a good poker player! In my eyes, it is a player who loves the game and shares his knowledge! A player who is a gentleman who recognizes a loss as a win! It is not always the one who has the most chips who is a good poker player! I know I will never be the best and it’s not something I strive for, but is it not beautiful to see when someone else plays so well, it’s beautiful !! Maybe we are all good players who love this game, sometimes you have the day you succeed in everything, the other day nothing goes your way, but you love playing anyway, so being big in the defeat is a good poker player!


hey Kondrad! I just had the pleasure of playing a SnG with you today. GG!

I consider a good Poker player as someone that can not only make the most of a bad situation (knowing when to bow out or to keep fighting), and also see the patterns the other players are presenting, to best know what to expect and what can be considered the real deal.

See you around!

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Too bad we can’t see players win %.

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I never get good cards its always new players or the best ranked players its not fair there is no way I got that bad of luck

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Just be patient! the cards will come and you can win with bad cards too!!! Just focus,read the other players and decide for a stratergy before the game!


That is me. I always show. Some say I shouldn’t and some say, do what you want. I love winning, but I always remember it is just play chips and I am here for the friendships. Good Luck to all and please have fun.


Ein guter Pokerspieler?

  1. Er hat Geduld
  2. Er kann loslassen.
  3. Er ist gnadenlos, aber lächelt immer.
  4. Er versteckt sein Blatt und seine Strategie.
  5. Er beobachtet die Mitspieler und die Situation.
  6. Er wechselt seine Strategie, seine Art zu spielen.
  7. Er liebt Bingo Spieler.
  8. Er wird nicht gierig.
  9. Er hört auf wenn er seine Emotionen nicht im Griff hat.
  10. Er will gewinnen.

A good poker player?

  1. He has patience
  2. He can let go.
  3. He is merciless but always smiles.
  4. He hides his hand and his strategy.
  5. He observes the players and the situation.
  6. He changes his strategy, his way of playing.
  7. He loves bingo players.
  8. He doesn’t get greedy.
  9. He stops when he can’t control his emotions.
  10. He wants to win.

So wahr Oheim777! Danke für deinen Beitrag! Du bist ein guter Spieler, das habe ich erlebt!
So true Oheim777! Thank you for your contribution! You’re a good player, I’ve seen that!

then ya jus need a bit of luck…cuz that list means nothing without it…ask joe

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never quit ever, quitters are jus that…

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I have real doubts bout Daniel is the best…
does not hold record for most money won
does not hold the record for being in the money every time
does he hold any records
I have seen him try to read a hand or player and at best he is jus average
he had a string of good luck…but not much ta brag bout for sometime now

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