You can be a very good poker player

You can be a very good poker player.
But in the end, the one who is most lucky is the winner and has the ability / dare to follow to get his hand.


I think there is a great deal of similarity between poker tournaments and professional golf tournaments.

Winning or losing the Masters or the Open may depend simply on getting a lucky bounce from a sprinkler head or an overhit shot hitting the flag and dropping near the hole, but to get into position to get lucky, you need to be among the leaders on the final round, and to be among the leaders in the final round, you need to make the cut after two days, and to get into the tournament at all, you have to qualify by consistently beating other players who are ranked among the best in the world at the sport.

Same in poker tournaments on RP. Sure it requires more than a bit of luck to win a tournament, but to get to the final table you have to make hundreds of decisions to fold over a couple of hours, any one of which could be fatal as failing to sink a short put.

The more frequently you make it to the final table, the better your chances to win one or more tournaments. And then if you are making the final table 50% of the time, or whatever, you will have vast experience of final tables, and often be up against players who don’t have that experience, so that may also count in your favor and give you an edge.

Same goes for ring games, of which I have limited experience. The player who does the best job of analyzing the possibilities of each situation is more likely to show a net profit over the long term as his decisions on whether to raise, call, or fold, and by how much will be closer to the optimum. He will lose less when he loses, and win more when he wins.

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Really ? There is no bluffing in golf LOL :joy:

Poker is more like fishing. Everyone crying over the one that got away, and exaggerating the skill involved in catching a big one.


Hahahahahaha, exactly :rofl::rofl:

Perhaps, the similarities lay in not tilting when the variables go against you.

No the similarity lies in the fact that you have to get yourself into the running with a lot of well judged play and decision making before you earn the right to have bad luck on the final table/final round–so just getting into the position to have bad luck in the final shootout when the adrenalin is high is an achievement in itself.

and there’s no wiffing either(I’ve been known to do that :laughing:)

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Can you have such bad luck as I do.
Something that is not okay here ???
If you have the time / desire, look at my hand history.

Yes @joXXra, it is easy to have bad luck such as yours.

This situation is very easy to assess.

Replay is rigged and you are clever enough to recognise it and not clever enough to take advantage or you need to learn more about how to play.

Actually, I think these are very closely linked: learning how to play involves, to a very large extent, learning how to “guess” what is likely to happen. Since you can, apparently, predict your loss and bet regardless … < deep sigh > … enough said


Look at these latest hands if you have the time / desire
It does not matter what hands I have.
Went all-in at approx. 30-40 hands.
Fully aware that some hands are not the best to preflop.
A lot of my hands were strong preflop against just two players.

The link you provided takes me to my most recent hands. It appears you have made a mistake if it was intended to show an issue with your cards.
In the thousands of hands I have played here I have seen no evidence that the game is fixed. There may be runs of good or bad luck but that is to be expected and is more a proof of fairness than the alternative. A little time spent studying the basic mechanics of the game will vastly improve results at the table. There is a lot of good stuff in a thread The Links Library . thepokerbank is definitely worth a browse.

I took a look at some of your hands.
The hands you are open shoving with are no better on average than what your opponents calling you with.
Outside of tournaments, going all in as your first action is just a bad idea.