What is up guys

I can’t get any tourney games to come up they are all mixed up and days away.

Hi berunyon

What browser you use? You had an update of that browser lately?

I made a screenshot, than you can check the option to order the MTT page.

1…you can select “All Games” or one type of game (best is to keep it on "all games and "all limits)

You can tick or untick the box “Hide Running” tourneys (best is to keep that unticked)

You can tick or untick the box " Hide finished" tourneys (best it to keep it ticked by default and untick it when you want to see them)

2…Order the MTT lobby on " Start " time. You click on “Start” , when you have the triangle up you find the running tourneys on top, and than the up coming tourneys.

When it is different in your browser, please try another browser (we recomment Google Chrome). Or make a screenshot and uplaod it here (or send it to support@replaypoker.com. by email) , maybe we can see what is wrong.

Greetings Happiness.

Happiness is right you change the ordering by clicking the column headers and also filter using the options she mentions.