My multipage tourney layout displays games in the future. I have to go to old replay to see what's going on currently

This started a couple of days ago.

Hey grannybarbara,

Can you explain a bit more about the problem. The MTT page should display tourneys in the future, so I’m not sure what you mean - please do tell!

Thanks, Paul

Hi grannybarb

You can set the lobby with your own settings. I guess you have the wrong settings there. I made a screenshot to make it clear. Think it is usefull for more players.

You can select the game type and limits, but better keep it on all there. You can tick or untick hide running and tick or untick finished tourneys.

Than you can click 1 column (the names in red) to set your lobby.

The most logical way is to order it on “Start” , than you have the running and upcoming tournaments on top.(let the triangle pointing up, if that is down click on “Start” again)

Also made a screenshot from the Ring Games Lobby.

I like to order it on stakes and have the biggest stakes on top of my lobby page. You can also order it by “Game”’ , or whatever you like, you can change it whenever you like.

Great screenshots happiness. I assume that resolves the issue, so unless we hear anything more from grannybarbara, I’ll mark this solved.