What is the matter

with the schedules for MTT’s?

showing some of tomorrows tourneys at top of schedule and not all of todays…

Try refreshing the lobby page, mine is fine and showing todays

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still a mess…really … do not understand how it can be screwed up for me and nobody else???

try doing a duplicate tab, or closing & reopening, It happens from time to time with some browsers.
Also check to see if you bumped some of your “check marks” on something in lobby page.

yeah right…it is not my problem

country29, If you look at the MTT lobby you will see Games types: Betting limits: Buy in: Below that you will see, Hide running: Hide finished: Favs only: Now below that tournament - Games- start, click the word start and it will change how you see the games starting. Click it until you get it the way you want to see the games start, Hope this solved your problem… Doll :slight_smile:

I’ve got same issue, all fixes suggested have not worked. I usually plan playing mtt’s a couple hrs in advance, as they usually take more than an hour (if I manage to stay in).

Maybe it’s not showing all of todays because you have certain buy ins or betting limits unchecked, so it only showing ML or PL games, If you look and see that is the issue make sure you click update filter after checking them off.