The new listing of tournaments id horrible

who ever changed the way upcoming tournaments are listed eveidently doesnt have to use them H O R R I B L E

Hi matman

It is not changed, you have more options to order your mtt page now. I think you ordered it on a different column now, not on “start”

I updoad a screenshot to make it more clear, for you and for others with the same issue.

  1. You can select a game type or litmit, to see all games, best keep it on all games and all limits.

Also you can tick or ontick “Hide Running” and “Hide Finished” tourneys.

  1. You can order your page by column. Best it to order it on “Start” (the way it is on the screenshot) , click on the red “Start” , when the triangle next to is points down, click again on “Start”’ , with the triangle next to it pointing up you have the upcoming tournaments on top of the page.

If you want to order it on “Buy-in” to see the lowest or highest buy-in tourneys, click on the red “buy-in” and your page is ordered on buy-in. But better put it back on “Start” before you leave the page.

You can order your “Ring Game” page this way also, when you order it on " Stakes" you have the lowest or highest stake table on top.

Hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.

Thanks evelien, matman - can you confirm that the problem was the table wasn’t sorted or filtered the way you like?