MTT lobby not correct for me

My Mtt lobby tournaments are no longer in chronological date order. Any ideas on how I can fix this? They were fine until yesterday afternoon. I have no idea what happened.

Some people reported before, but turned out they accidentally click on the table set up themselves. Cant find that topics as this site search engine seams not work now. I made new pic for you. You see on mine the “Plrs” highlighted, as my set up priority. You should click on your prioritized option. Such as “Table” or “Game” ect…

I mark this thread as solved, please report back if the issue not solved by the solution I describe above.

Hi grannybarbara

Your MTT lobby page you should order on the column “start”, if the triangle (next to start) shows down click on it again, than you have the upcoming tournaments on top . If it not works, clear you browser history and remove cookies in settings of your browser, or try another browser to see if you have the same problem.

Please let us know if it works or if you keep this problem (all tournaments are online)

Greetings Happiness.