What deck do you use and why?

I used to despise the 4 color deck, although I did switch to it when I started playing multiple tables. It makes it much easier to see what I have at a quick glance. What deck do you use and do you hate the 4 color as I know a few people do?

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I started using the 4 color deck awhile ago since there were times I was having difficulty seeing the difference between a diamond and a heart.
Time for new glasses.


I think I’m going to try it. I forgot all about that. Thank you for the reminder :+1:t2:


Standard deck, green and blue just look way too weird to me.


Now I’m definitely not trying it. I don’t do weird well.


At first it was weird for me, too, but I got used to it after a bit, now it doesn’t seem weird at all.

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Then maybe I should try it. Seems it would comin handy for flushes, recognizing them at the speed of light :+1:t2::joy:

I have always used standard deck. But then again, never tried the colored deck. Got me curious to try it, thanks

Well, tried it for 15 mins and quickly decided, the standard deck still the deck of choice for me.

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Takes awhile to get used to, till I get new glasses I’m sticking with 4 color.


Yeah I see no benefit to me but to each their own. I can see the argument for it for ease of recognition for those with poor eyesight as mentioned in this thread.


I never despised 4 colour deck, but I deff preferred the look of the standard deck when I first trialled it. The 4CD looks less genuine and feels strange at first - and for quite a while. I switched back and forth several times and it prob took about a month to learn to tolerate it, and slowly appreciate the benefit.

I will only use 4CD now. Its much easier to see suits, meaning its much easier to see possible hand potential to make a flush and also the risk and possible potential other players have to make a flush etc.

Easily seeing the potential to make a flush or backdoor flush in certain situations should lead to making more profitable calls, bluffs & folds sometimes.

Deff takes a while to tolerate and appreciate the benefit. I’d be surprised if you switched back to standard, even if your eyesight miraculously returns to perfect vision!

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Agree with the flush sight but the (etc). for me is missing the straights

We are all like snowflakes and are different, Glad you like it and GL at the table my friend

My philosophy is use whatever is right for you.

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