Has anyone else seen this?

I’m sitting at a table where the dealer is at the top and the cards come from that stack…see red arrow

I’m hoping it’s a new version :grinning:

Yes, I have also seen one of my hand card on the back of someone else’s card facing me. I believe it happens when I am moving seat position while it’s in mid deal.
And what’s up with the colors on your cards? hmmm little guy?


oh so maybe not a new version but a glitch :grin:

It’s an option in ur profile settings…much easier to decipher suits I think.
go to settings/game/use 4 color deck


Should we get you “Uno” cards to play with :):woman_playing_handball:

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I like the pretty colors :grin:


When getting tired I Kept missing an opponents chance at a flush and tried the 4 color deck. Actually many times til I got used to it. Now I’m a believer.


Yeah, it’s much easier to see what’s going on when multi-tabling. It only requires a quick glance to determine if I have a flush draw. I swear by the 4-color deck.

Hi Grandy, I have also seen that and also seen where it looks like another player is holding my cards, and they are the same cards in my hand. An example is if I am holding 10 J of spades , It looks like a player at the table is also holding 10 J of spades and I can see his cards. It quickly corrects itself though. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I guess it was a glitch indeed…for me tho it continued for the duration of my session at that particular table.
I saved one of the hands to show it in action but it ain’t there in the replay :blush:

I’m more interested in the 4 chips at the top middle, which I see a lot. What are those for?


That’s for GrandyB for doing Rep job.

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That is the rake Gringuito

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Aw shucks, thank you very much bud :blush: