Voicing Your Opinions and Observations

I was under the belief that the Community Forums was a place for everyone to come and get help, offer suggestions, discuss poker in general, and most importantly to ask questions if you do not know the answers. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As long as your are wiling to accept whatever opinion someone offers, without question, then all is OK. However, if you question their “unofficial expertise” with good solid questions (and the numbers to back them up) then they lock you out of the thread in fear of being shown as wrong on the point of discussion. I would mention names except for the fear of being locked out of the forums totally, but I believe they know who I am talking about.

That being said, I offer these 2 suggestions, 1) If you ask a question in Forums take the answer you get with a grain of salt, and 2) If you offer advise or a suggestion you should expect AND accept any questions about it. If you don’t you lose credibility.


Yes, this an overly controlled site, in my opinion. I get really tired of the all in donk suck outs, the rebalancing me to the small blind when I am doing well, the obvious rewarding of the players that play more, The endless suckass hands, and the total similarities to the original online software that was written to take players money and try to keep them playing by pissing them off. ( Hello? Full Tilt?) Yes, Virginia, there is money involved in this site or it would not exist. Ever complained like I am now? Say goodbye to your chips, but, THAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN ANYWAY!

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The Forum is for these discussions, we as a community must be aware of general respect for one another even if we disagree completely. I have not experienced any “backlash” so far on tables ( card quality, winning hands, or winning MTTs ) for taking certain views on discussions, or being on the opposite side as a staff person.

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so its over controlled and its rigged and that makes you so angry you go and spend money on the site. why? …cant even comprehend why anyone would do that…i havent spent anything but time here… until i have spent money cant see a reason to complain about how many free chips i have…or how other people play… i have also accused replay of being rigged when i first got here…only to finally realize it was my playing, once i changed that been goin up a little bit every day…but still lose once in awhile also…

I will not make a comment on this site after 2 years 95000 hands 5 mill in chips today i started dumping chips i will do so on the few MTT i will be able to play through the weekend the site has changed to much for me its ok if you just want to wast time and laugh

Happy Holidays???..not going on holidays; but I am celebrating Christmas
SKYE a merry and joyful Christmas to you

I am playing the halloween tournament and am disapointed to see players stealing points,
I have to play a while to get 6000 pts,they set down and leave and get 4000,they may play 4 or5
tables at a time???

i’ve been playing on this site since yesterday and have experienced 4 times the same scenario: i’m ahead and all in on the turn against 1 opponent who is fishing for a 3 outer and 4 times i lose - this is possible but highly unlikely - merry xmas