It is absolutely ridiculous that the all-in or fold-em players should be allowed to run rampant and spoil the experience for others. This isn’t WSOP. this is play chips, not real money. Everyone has had kids in their “hood” that were like this. In ours, they got their asses beat,and got the message that other people like to play the “right way”. Either come around or beat it.

Can say its your feeling not a problem, so, I change the status of the thread to “Acknowledged” as I strongly believe, we cant do more.

It is annoying when someone goes all in before the flop and does’nt have the cards to back it, but than luck comes there way and beats a great hand that your holding. Oh well i’m just venting over this subject!

Concur 100% and it’s usually the chip leader or the one that just lost the hand before, or a new player to the site. Saw it last night. It was ridiculous.

The only thing we can do is bring in pot limit pre-flop, no-limit post-flop tables. Run a few of these in low stakes, and see if they’re popular?


Having more Fixed limit (FL) tables would be nice. We only have one, and its for 2 players. We need them for more players. It would stop the all-ins which ruins the game.

Now we have Beryl FL Low Stake Lobby (later we can change it in pot limit pre-flop, no limit post-flop) 6 seats and the blinds are 10/20

Good Luck and have fun:)

The Beryl FL Table, 800/2,400??? thats too much :slight_smile: -

edited - I misread it -

10/20 - I should never type this late! 2:40am :slight_smile:

carry on :slight_smile:

oke np, have a good night:)

Happens over and over. It doesn’t matter how good or how badly you play, if you are sitting in the right seat you win.

Sorry to hear you feel that way, but I can assure you that isn’t the case, ask any of the players who have played on ReplayPoker, some for over 5 years and you’ll get an honest reply. We take the fairness of our game so seriously that we are one of the only play money poker sites to get independently tested:

its so funny that replay poker claims to be fair for all and cards are random and yet still got players that disagree. its not fair for all and cards are not random and i agree with dbb site is setup to reward fishers and chasers

Don’t forget trav790300, that the great silent majority of players don’t have any issue with the cards they’re dealt. Since poker is all about probabilities, doesn’t it follow that the probability is that a small minority of players will always feel the cards are somehow unfair. We’ve covered this more extensively in another discussion but our intention is to make the aggregate data across all our hands available for all to see, to backup the independent analysis and our own assertions with some cold, hard data.

of course the majority of players going be siltent those are the ones are winning all time so why would they have a issue with that if i was winning all the time i wouldnt have a issue either lmao

or they know is pointless to concern their issue about cards cause they know going get the same stupid answer

Trav790300 I’m happy to have a discussion about this, but I would appreciate you showing me the same courteousness as I show you. I don’t follow your logic, if the majority of players are winning, then you’re saying a small minority of players, yourself included, are losing in much greater amounts, is that what you mean? Do you think that certain players are purposely treated unfairly or it’s randomly unfair (but in which case, over time, everyone would at some point be treated unfairly, and thus no player would benefit).

all i am saying is its not fair and cards are not random

I have been playing on this site for a while and i dont get the win all the time and i really dont think that this is unfair and i think the cards are random there isnt any player that i know of that gets special cards or always wins in poker you cant ever expect to win you come and have fun and you can see how certain players play and how they win or lose its a game dont be sore losers when you do lose just have fun while your here