Venting fore warned

I have played poker for a great while. And there are a great many decent and exceptional players on this site. What I just cannot tolerate is the players who come to a table for single purpose to crash the table. They will show up pre-flop and continue to pre-flop. Everyone folds and sits out and still these players will wait at table for everyone to show up. I asked one guy who pre’s. He said and I quote" I do it to get people to leave and to make everyone fold". Where is the poker courtesy in that. And this is just the one of many who do this. This to me is abuse of the game. And where is RP poker stand in this ? Well let me say you ban people from chat if we speak up. Afraid we may hurt some poor sole who is ruining the game for many people. Because that poor soul probably buy chips every damn day.

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If you remember his/her name contact support at and tell support your story.