Viet Nam vets

If you are a nam vet and have an illness read about agent Orange law suite and the illnesses listed on it. You could be entitled to a monthly check and back pay for agent Orange. If you are classfied 50% you get free meds too. If 100% 4,000 a month plus free US Insurence and a card to us base px and com and fly free.


Great post Dan.

I volunteer for the DAV ( Disabled American Veterans ) and am a life member.

I help veterans of all branches. You do not need to have served in combat in order for you to receive benefits .If you think you have an injury related to your service please visit

There you will find everything you need to know about filling a claim for your service connected injury or illness and anything else you might know including free health insurance and other benefits you are entitled to.

I won’t list them all as there are too many.

Thank you for your service :+1:t2:

United States Marine Corps Veteran


Exposure to agent Orange was also at any Base that stored it in US and Guam

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Correct. Also if you were stationed on a US Navy Ship off the coast and never put boots on the ground and you suffer from any Agent Orange related symptoms or illnesses you qualify for free medical care and compensation.

This law was passed by Congress just 2 years ago.

Thank you both & all veterans for your service.Many have paid a dear price & deserve recognition & restitution.

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Thank you Raven, you are very kind :slight_smile: I try to educate every Veteran or family member of a Veteran to what they are entitled too. It’s so sad that most veterans don’t even know what they are entitled to or where to find resources.

It’s so gratifying to run across someone I’ve helped when they look at you and say thank you, I am getting the help I need and I am able to feed my family and keep a roof over our heads because of you.

I say no thanks needed, I showed you the door but your the one who opened it and stepped forward to help yourself.

I am so thankful for my benefits.

Paying it forward one Veteran at a time.

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